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Get Nervous

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Pat Benatar is one of those artists that can be angry, sweet, and in this case, insane within one album: Get Nervous.

One of the greatest things about what Benatar does is that she sings from her gut. She does this well on Anxiety (Get Nervous). As a listener, you can feel the fear and trembling in the opening lines “I feel a little shaky, I can’t control my nerves/I know you think I’m freakin’, but can’t you feel the curves?/I swear to you this feeling it scares me half to death/It gathers in my throat and it gathers up my breath.” She also screams and cries her way through Fight It Out and Tell It To Her.

Benatar and husband-guitarist Neil Giraldo are also ones that know how to write an inspiring anthem.  Shadows of the Night is a clear follow-up to her signature hit Hit Me With Your Best Shot from her 1980 album Crimes of Passion. It is a song about running into the arms of love despite anything bad happening. However, Benatar and her band return to their classic music formula with Little Too Late, which is an amazing rock song. However that’s only a warm-up to creepily amazing I’ll Do It.

Get Nervous is essentially a concept album without actually being a concept album. In this case the concept is Pat Benatar goes insane. Insane about what? From possibly her 2010 autobiography it could be a metaphor for both her relationship with her then-record company, Chrysalis, and all of their demands. Concept albums aside, Get Nervous is a keeper!

Happy 30th birthday. I wish I could say that you’ve come along way baby. Who knows, maybe you have but is that a good thing?

Please play some videos!

When you started out, you were a burst of sheer amazingness. I wasn’t even born in 1981 and watching all the classic MTV stuff on YouTube & VH1 Classic is still amazing. Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson, Martha Quinn, & Mark Goodman introduced everyone  to the greatest pop/rock & R&B to ever grace a television set: Pat Benatar, Duran Duran, the late Michael Jackson, Stray Cats, Dire Straits, all those amazing other new wave & rock bands. Better yet, there were also the legends like the Who, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, Heart, Van Halen, and Yes that had innovative videos that made them cooler and bigger than they were already.

Unfortunately Mtv you disgust me. You don’t air videos. Sure, you air that crap you call the Jersey Shore or those whiny rich kids that dominate The Hills. All I can say is that you no longer deserve that “M” in your title, but rather an “S” – SuckTV because you are terrible. You don’t air videos anymore and when you do – they suck. Lady GaGa is horrible and a ripoff artist – remember Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons? Does her style not remind you of Lady Gaga? You have traded your originality for unoriginal, mindless, uninspiring entertainment. The last decent video you had in this century was a Taylor Swift video in which Kanye West interrupted her VMA speech for said video. Gone are the days of “You Better Run,” “Big Love,” “Money For Nothing,” “Take On Me,” and “Thriller.” Do the math.

So MTV I have some advice for you and I want you to listen very well: PLAY SOME VIDEOS! Do not play the Jersey Shore. I know thousands of people that would love you to do this.

Let me get this clear into your head I am NOT pregnant! I need a husband – as in I want to be married to the father of my future children 1st, so I can yell at him in the delivery room and cry like a baby with me when the lay little Rhiannon in my arms for the first time. (or Matthew if it’s a boy)

I kid you not its like babypalooza at church. But babies are good despite the fact that the poop, scream, cry, spit up, pull on your ears and cry when they see the Wild Heart. They are cute! I honestly believe they are a gift from God.

I have a friend who was due to give birth yesterday – her due date was yesterday. As far as I know, she has yet to do so. Therefore I am going to do her an unwarranted favor and give her and you a list of songs or albums that could possibly spur on labor for my friend. If you are reading this and are pregnant, I’m helping you even though I am not Dr. Wild Heart. (though I did get my BA in Communications-Broadcast Journalism)

  1. Tiki Tiki Tiki Room – those little birdies in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyworld. This whole ride/experience has been known to induce labor in pregnant women at Walt Disney World. That is why we have the video for you to watch!
  2. Inna Gadda Da VidaIron Butterfly. Wait for the 5+ minute drum solo. I’m pretty sure that will bring on the precious one along with the cursing.
  3. Young TurksRod Stewart. Though this song is rather good, I think that Rod Stewart’s voice can deliver babies.
  4. Friday – Rebecca Black.
  5. Speaking in Tongues – Talking Heads. If you have heard this album, it’s annoying but fun.

More twitter trouble

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Announcements

Ok so we had some more twitter troubles. Please Follow wildheartrocks on Twitter. Also, if you were a previous follower of me as thewildheart198 – I would love for you to follow me again!

Our new twitter account!

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Announcements

You can now follow the wild heart on twitter at @wildheart983.

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Sadly right now the Wild Heart’s twitter account has been suspended until further notice. If we are able to acquire another account, we will let you know what our new twitter handle is. If you followed us or subscribed to us before, we would encourage you to do so again. However, the Wild Heart as a site will still continue to be in use.

Blondes Have More Fun

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Rod Stewart is one of those artists that is very chameleon-like and kinda timeless: no matter what decade or genre, he can do it. He’s done punk with his former band, the Faces, disco with Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, straight-up rock with She Won’t Dance With Me, synthpop and new wave with Young Turks and finally aspects of the Great American Songbook.

On his 1974 release, Blondes Have More Fun, Rod Stewart decides to start out the album with a sexy party with the disco-tinged come-on  Do Ya Think I’m Sexy. One of the greatest things about this song is that it sounds like its song title. Best of all, like most of Stewart’s songs, it is written as a narrative – almost like he was watching as an observer. But this changes when it comes to the infamous chorus “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy/ Come on, sugar, let me know/ If you really need me just reach out and touch me/ Come on, honey, tell me so.” Stewart is clearly talking about himself.
Other songs like Dirty Weekend are kinda, well, dirty. The word “pussy” does not fit the song – it’s straight up inappropriate.  The album further falls on its face with Last Summer. It sounds like he is trying to recreate a slower version of his classic Maggie May. It’s an epic fail on his behalf.

However, the absolute best song is the title track – a straight up rock song that proves to Stewart’s critics that he still a rock & roller in his heart. He even fuses disco and rock together with Standing in the Shadows of Love – which sound great no thanks to legendary drummer Carmine Appice and bassist Phillip Chen.

Overall, this album isn’t worth buying, however some of the good tracks like the title track, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Standing In the Shadows of Love are worth downloading.