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Disney Rocks! 25 ways that Walt Disney rocks…..or at least has ties to music we like (or hate)

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It’s summertime and everyone is on vacation if they have the means to do it. (I don’t) One of the greatest places to go vacation, no matter who you are, is Disney World. Also it seems like every summer Walt Disney Pictures (or Pixar) releases another amazing movie whether it be this years Cars 2, or the blockbuster movies they’ve released over the past couple of summers: Tarzan (1999), Mulan (1998), The Lion King (1994), Pocahontas (1995), Cars (2006), Toy Story 3 (2010) and my favorite – Finding Nemo (2003).

Also, the Wild Heart herself, a.k.a Christina, is a huge fan of all things related to Disney. So here it is people: the 100 ways that Disney Rocks!

  1. Disney made a really cool (yet scary) roller coaster called Rockin Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. According to the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2007, the original artist the Imagineers had in mind was none other than the Rolling Stones. Another band that was considered was U2. However both were considered too pricy. Therefore Aerosmith offered a more reasonable price. There was also a rumored to be a Rockin’ Roller Coaster starring none other than No Doubt. However, it was never made.
  2. Early trailers for Finding Nemo used Down Under by Men at Work, though the song itself never appears in the film.
  3. The stage at what is now currently called the Fantasyland Theater at Disneyland in California was the original Us Festival stage. The Us Festival was a massively large festival held in Southern California that featured such acts as the Divinyls, Stray Cats, Ramones, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, and Van Halen. It was originally the Videopolis Stage shortly after its usage at the Us Festival. The Videopolis stage itself was host to 80’s teen idol royalty including Debbie Gibson, The New Kids on the Block, Tiffany, Pebbles, Janet Jackson, and the Jets. It was also the place where they filmed an American Bandstand-style show for the Disney Channel during the 80’s.
  4. In 1990, the Disney Channel released an original movie called Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme. The film featured a “who’s who” of 80’s rock, pop, & R&B stars as well as rock legends in roles as characters from Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Some of these popstars included Cyndi Lauper, Bobby Brown, ZZ Top, Deborah Harry (of Blondie), Little Richard, Brian Setzer (of the Stray Cats and Brian Setzer Orchestra), Warren DeMartini (a.k.a “Torch” from the hair metal band RATT), and Dweezil Zappa. The film also starred native Houstonian Shelley Duvall.
  5. On September 11, 1986, Disney opened a new ride at Epcot Center that starred the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It was called Captain EO. It closed in the mid-to-late’90s but has since regained popularity after the death of Michael Jackson. It has even reopened at all of the parks except for Disney Shanghai.
  6. The pop singer Powerline from A Goofy Movie, was based off the King of Pop himself: Michael Jackson. However, Powerline’s vocals were provided by Tevin Campbell, who had a few R&B hits in the early-mid 1990’s.
  7. The soundtrack to An Extremely Goofy Movie features covers of Nowhere to Run by John Avila of Oingo Boingo and Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades by Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.
  8. Walt Disney Pictures attempted to do a remake of the Beatles animated film Yellow Submarine starring Cary Elwes as Paul McCartney and featuring California-based Beatles tribute band the Fab Four. It was to be directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) It was to be a 3D computer-animated film. However, in 2011, Disney backed out of the film due to the fact that motion-capture performance was becoming a much-criticized factor and another film that used that technology, A Christmas Carol, underperformed but was still successful at the box office. 

    Yellow Submarine was set for a 2012 release

  9. The friendly vultures in The Jungle Book (1967) were meant to closely resemble the Beatles. Their song That’s What Friends Are For, were actually meant to be voiced by the Fab 5, but due to scheduling issues with the band, the song was changed to a barbershop quartet number.
  10. During the 1980’s, Disney studios founded Touchstone Pictures – which is still a Disney subsidary. It has released many movies that have had hit soundtracks including 1987’s Good Morning Vietnam starring Robin Williams, which included the memorably juxtaposed scene of the war in Vietnam with Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World. The soundtrack to the film also included songs by the Beach Boys, James Brown, and Martha and the Vandellas. The soundtrack itself was certified platinum.
  11. Disney’s Touchstone Pictures had another hit on their hands in 1990 with Pretty Woman – named after the Roy Orbison song of the same name. The film launched the career of Oscar-winner Julia Roberts and relaunched the career of Richard Gere. The soundtrack, which was released before the film, included the hit #1 single It Must’ve Been Love by Roxette. The soundtrack also included Fame 90 by David Bowie, King of Wishful Thinking by Go West, No Explanation by Peter Cetera (formely of Chicago), Tangled by Jane Weidlin (formely of The Gogo’s), Show Your Soul by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and (Oh) Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.
  12. Journey featured two then-new songs on the original motion picture soundtrack to Tron including 1990’s Theme and Only Solutions. They did this after British rock band Supertramp dropped out of the film. Only Solutions was later included on the Frontiers album.
  13. The sequel to Tron, Tron: Legacy prominently featured songs Separate Ways (World’s Apart) by Journey and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by the Eurythmics. The soundtrack itself features Daft Punk – who also make an appearance in the film at the End of Line club. Separate Ways (World’s Apart) is also on Journey’s Frontiers album.
  14. The soundtrack to the 1988 Touchstone hit motion picture Three Men and a Baby included Daddy’s Girl by Peter Cetera.
  15. The Touchstone release Beaches included the hit song Wind Beneath My Wings by the movie’s star, Bette Midler. It won the 1988 Grammy for Record of the Year.
  16. Another Touchstone hit motion picture, Cocktail starring Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue, also had a hit soundtrack. The soundtrack included the massively popular Kokomo by the Beach Boys as well as other songs by John Cougar Mellencamp, Starship (formely Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship) and the Bobby McFerrin hit Don’t Worry Be Happy.
  17. In 1993, Touchstone released What’s Love Got To Do With It, an biopic about Tina Turner and her relationship with her abusive husband Ike. Ike Turner was played by Laurence Fishburne and Tina by Angela Bassett.
  18. Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and star of the hit reality series The Osbournes was originally offered the role of Anna, the teen who switches bodies with her mother in Disney’s 2003 remake of Freaky Friday. The part was eventually given to Mean Girls actress Lindsey Lohan.
  19. For the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday, No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani was offered a role as a member of Anna’s band – but she turned it down.
  20. The guitar that Jamie Lee Curtis plays offstage in the film Freaky Friday during the show at the House of Blues is an Ernie Ball/MusicMan Steve Lukather (Toto) Signature Model.
  21. Lindsay Lohan had to learn to play the guitar for Freaky Friday. She would later go on to record 2 of her own albums including 2004’s Speak.
  22. A member of the band Orgy instructed Jamie Lee Curtis on how to play the guitar. In the concert sequence, that is actually Curtis during the solo.
  23. Food Rocks was an Epcot attraction that parodied many famous bands including the Beach Boys (“the Peach Boys”), Little Richard, Cher, Peter Gabriel (“Pita Gabriel”), The Police (“the Refrigerator Police”) and Tone Loc. It was closed in 2004 to make way for Soarin’.
  24. At Epcot’s World Showcases’ United Kingdom Pavillion, there is a cover band called the English Channel that plays the hits of the British Invasion of the 1960’s and 1970’s.
  25. Also at Epcot’s World Showcase Pavillion, the American Gardens Theatre hosts many cover bands of American artists and artists from abroad that are popular in the US such as Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Heart, Janet Jackson, U2, the BeeGees, and the Eagles. It also has hosted other hit acts such as Taylor Dayne, Hanson, .38 Special, and Night Ranger.

The Wild Heart wants to wish one of the many inspirations of this blog a happy birthday. (That is, next to Heart, Van Halen, Amy Grant, Pat Benatar, etc) Who is it you ask? It is a member of Fleetwood Mac that bangs a tamborine around onstage and sings such beautiful songs as Enchanted, If Anyone Falls In Love, Stand Back, Gypsy, Landslide, and the favorite of the Wild Heart herself, Wild Heart.

I figured since it is a good day to talk about this, I will. I am a recent Stevie Nicks fan – mostly dating back to last summer. I was in the UH library (I was in summer school) looking up stuff for class and listening to Pandora radio. I already had disproven my father’s longstanding dislikeness of Stevie Nicks based on the rumour that she was a practicing Wiccan. (Note: I come from a Christian family – I am still a rather devout Christian, but I try to see others as Christ sees them and not judge them) I had already downloaded the respective artists on iTunes. I guess I wanted something more to listen to on Pandora, so I put both artists in and I loved what I heard and downloaded more as time went by.

So here are some of my favorite Stevie performances:

Anytime I hear this song I think of my friend Jamie and how I wanted to get on Oprah for the Ultimate Stevie Nicks fan contest so I could get her to sing this as an extra wedding gift to Jamie and her now-husband. I guess I will have to give her the cd.

I love this song, but unfortunately it reminds me of a friend who’s an ex-addict who decided to date another ex-addict who was a terrible person. They had a child together and, needless to say, I think of this song as a metaphor for her relationships with others that have been destroyed due to the fact that she decided to date this terrible man and make some choices that resulted in a child born out of wedlock  and shotgun marriage. Also, in a way it is what I wanted to tell her about her decision to date this man, but more harshly! I love it!

Contemporary Christian musicin the late 80s-early 90’s, for the most part, was a basic copycat of its non-Christian counterparts.

Susan Ashton is one of the most underappreciated voices in Contemporary Christian Music.

Susan Ashton, like Amy Grant, is not one of those copycats. She is an original that has yet to be copied to this day! However, she has been covered by many country artists such as Kathy Mattea (who covered her song Grand Canyon on her 1994 album Walking Away A Winner), Martina McBride, and Garth Brooks – whom she used to sing backup for and even opened for him.

Her debut album, Wakened By the Wind is almost country-lite but with less twang and more lush vocals hinted with a guitar. On the albums opening track, Down On My Knees, Ashton confesses “You bear the weight of condemnation/ cleansing with the blood of truth/ so with my humble acclamation I wanna give myself to you.”  She is clearly referring to sin that leads to ultimate death but also the redemption and forgiveness that comes with being a follower of Jesus Christ. Essentially she is telling the listener that she is not perfect, but rather dirty and is made clean by the Lord.

One of the best tracks is Benediction,  which is a semi-uptempo song about searching for what God wants her to do. Ashton follows up in this vein with Land of Nod – a Bonnie Raitt-inspired song about how Christians should not be complacent in their faith, but instead be challenged in their faith.

Many of the songs on this album such as No One Knows My Heart and I Hear You are also basically prayers. Others, such as In Amazing Grace Land, are praises to Jesus for the price that he paid on the cross for the sins of the world.

This is one of the most underrated Christian albums and artists of all time. It rarely gets any current airplay on CCM radio, even in her hometown of Houston, TX – where I, the Wild Heart, grew up and currently reside. Hopefully one day she will be rediscovered.

“Ball and Chain” by Susan Ashton

According to some quack preacher, we’ll all be raptured come 6pm in whatever time zone you are in and 6 months later, the end of the world shall happen. So I thought it would be a fun idea to post some of the best rapture-related songs.

Let’s Go Crazy by Prince

Prince is one of those types that could quite possibly lead a revolution in song.

Rapture by Blondie

It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine) by R.E.M

As a member of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks was just one of many contributing voices and songwriters. However she proves that she is much more with the release of Bella Donna.

This album is almost like an extension of her contributions to Fleetwood Mac at least on the title track and Kind of Woman, but she quickly kicks things into gear with a duet, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around with fellow rocker Tom Petty of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It is a sign of what is to come on her next album, The Wild Heart. She continues this with the country-tinged Think About It and The Highwayman. 

However, Bella Donna takes flight in the area of sheer amazement with the ever-popular and seminal smash Edge of Seventeen. It is one of the best songs of the album not only because of its driving guitar, but even its meaning. It has a pretty interesting story behind the song. Nevertheless it is a sad story. It is about the death of both ex-Beatle John Lennon and Nicks’ Uncle John, who died around the same time of each other. It is referenced metaphorically throughout the song. Nicks has talked about this many times whenever the subject of this song comes up. It has since become a staple of all her concerts.

On Leather and Lace, former boyfriend and Eagles lead singer Don Henley joins her in a rather beautiful manner. She tells him “I have my own life/ and I am stronger than you know/ But I carry this feeling/ That when you walked into my house/ That you won’t be walking out the door.”

Overall the album still sounds like some of the Fleetwood Mac material, yet Nicks shows that she is capable of having a great solo career outside of the band.

Pat Benatar is one of those voices that can do any sort of genre: pop, rock, metal, country and even swing. However, most people love her as the pint-sized rocker who can blow everyone out of their seats. She does that throughout her album Precious Time.

Don’t be fooled by her niceness or even sultry style because she will blow you away – which is exactly what she does on Promises In the Dark. It’s one of those songs that you think is gonna be a nice and slow sad song, but alas, it is not.

This album, unlike other albums by Benatar, has many twists and turns and possibly foreshadows what is to come with her smash album Get Nervous. One excellent example of this is Fire and Ice – it has a sort of suspenseful feel to it, but takes a different approach than its predecessor In The Heat of the Night – the title track from her debut album.

Often, she seems to take jabs at her now-husband Neil Giraldo, whom she was broken up with at the time on such songs as Promises in the Dark and It’s a Tuff Life and even continues it on Take It Any Way You Want It. She says “You hate to say you were wrong/ You want contentment but ya’ can’t be that strong/ You see the shadow on the window blind/ but that shadow will never be mine/ so what/ You deserve everything that you got/ Ya’ think I’m gonna be there, but I’m not/ So take it any way you want it/ Take it anyway you please/ Take it anyway you want it/ But I don’t think you wanna bother me.” However, remember this was Benatar at her absolute angriest.

One interesting thing about this album is that it has not one, but two cover songs: Just Like Me by Paul Revere & the Raiders and Helter Skelter by the Beatles. As someone who has yet to hear both songs, she makes me want to listen to the originals and compare them to hers. Her covers simply rock and they take no prisoners!

But there is one weakness here: the album can get a tad formulaic at times, but is still very much in the style of classic Pat Benatar. Hard to Believe is a prime example of this.


The Wild Heart is not making this up people (or random robots and cats that walk across the keyboard and hit “ENTER.”)

Stevie Nicks has made an announcement to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton that Fleetwood Mac will be going on tour sometime next year!!! It will happen after both Nicks and fellow band member Lindsey Buckingham finish promoting their various solo albums.

With that said, let’s hope that somehow this blog, the Wild Heart (btw my real name is Christina), takes off like a rocket within the coming year. What do I mean you ask: I would like to turn this into a real job – blogging about music. Right now I am jobless and living at home searching for a job. (Aaaah the plight of the recent college graduate of a state university!) What I am trying to say is that if you would like to sponsor this blog, please email me at I would absolutely love to speak with you.

Also, I would love to do more with this blog as well – such as cover concerts from both Houston, TX – where I am based; but also famous festivals like Glastonbury, FreePress SummerFest – an annual indie festival in Houston, TX, CreationFest (for Christian music), the CMA music festival – one day I will review one of the country albums or cds that I do have (mostly Trisha Yearwood, Lee Ann Womack, LeAnn Rimes, Gretchen Wilson and Taylor Swift) Sponsorship is the way to do this as far as I know.

Additionally, concerts in general are not cheap and I would like to be on the good side of the management, so if you are a major artist (or even minor artist) and you would like for me to cover your concert, please email me at the above address.

Anyways, so if you would like to sponsor me and this blog or even have suggestions about how to turn this blog into a business – please feel free to email me at and I would love to speak with you.

Yes is quite possibly one of the greatest art-rock bands of all time. They prove themselves with the return of lead vocalist Jon Anderson on 90125.

The album itself is quite possibly what music would sound like if we all lived in outer space or in a friendlier version of Blade Runner. Either way it is very futuristic sounding. It works well for the band. On Leave It, their harmonies are superb and they blend well with the echoishness of the background music. Also, their rhythm section – the drummer, has composed some very interesting drumming repetitions which make the album interesting.

However, there is one place the album falls flat: Our Song sounds overall uninteresting and downright repetitive.

Overall, however, I cannot recommend this album because it is an acquired taste. Don’t get me wrong, it is still good but still a bit avant-guard.


Very few albums, or artists for that matter, have served as a soundtrack to a generation. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours does exactly that. It’s still is a relevant album because it explores in a voyeuristic way, the personal turmoil amongst the band members during the recording of the album. The mix of personal turmoil amongst the band, though it nearly cost them their sanity and was fueled by lots and lots of drugs, make this a beautiful masterpiece.

Best of all, it is easy to relate to lyrically due to its content –  which includes jabs at other band members, all of whom were experiencing romantic turmoil: bassist John McVie and his wife Christine’s marriage was in shambles as was the romantic relationship between singer Stevie Nicks and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. Additionally, Nicks and drummer Mick Fleetwood (who was married at the time) were having an affair.

Songs like Don’t Stop and Songbird which are nothing short of an offer of hope both personally and for the band itself. Perhaps they were thinking in they lyric from The Chain: “I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain.” It is one of the few songs that is written by the ENTIRE band and it is a gem.

Also, one of the other great things is the actual skill of the musicians. One of the best sounding tracks on the album is You Make Lovin’ Fun. Lead vocalist [for this track] and keyboard player Christine McVie is remarkable on all accounts. However, all of the lyrical greatness and great sound come together on Gold Dust Woman – which is both a metaphor for drugs and quite possibly the ending of the relationship of the songs author, Stevie Nicks, and then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham.

For those of you that saw last week’s episode of Glee, this is an album worth buying due to the fact that it is great musicianship under fire, something that happens to us all. It is very relatable if you have ever endured a never-ending breakup. That is what makes this album one of the greatest albums.

Also be sure to check out the special Classic Albums that VH1 Classic and the BBC documentary they did on Rumours, where they go into both the technicality of making the album as well as what the songs are about – including stories and interviews with band members and album personnel.

Glee has nailed it when it comes to the personification of Fleetwood Mac and their ever-popular Rumours album. All the infighting, breakups – which really made the band great.

So here is a recap of the best of what happened last night:

Overall it did the album justice, but there was a bit that was left out

The ever dumb Brittany now has her own web show called “Fondue For Two” where she invites guests, or in this case Tina Cohen-Chang and Mercedes Jones to eat fondue and do what people like her do best: gossip. She reveals that Santana is a lesbian by saying she “plays for the other team.”

However, Sue Sylvester gets quite a bit of airtime this time – something that the Wild Heart absolutely loves! Her outrageous disguises ranging from David Bowie to conservative commentator Ann Coulter within one take, are nothing short of classic.

But the special appearance by Kristen Chenoweth as April did not seem to fit. Her performance of Dreams does not even begin to touch the original by Stevie Nicks. It seemed overall fake. However, this is quickly kicked out of the ballpark by Artie’s performance of Never Going Back Again – albeit with a chorus of acoustic guitars. The performance of the songs of Rumours is made even better by Rachel’s performance of Go Your Own Way. It almost makes you think that during the original album, either Stevie Nicks or Christine McVie should have sang the lead vocals – not Lindsey Buckingham.

Overall B+ because it was still rather funny.