Blondes Have More Fun

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Rod Stewart is one of those artists that is very chameleon-like and kinda timeless: no matter what decade or genre, he can do it. He’s done punk with his former band, the Faces, disco with Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, straight-up rock with She Won’t Dance With Me, synthpop and new wave with Young Turks and finally aspects of the Great American Songbook.

On his 1974 release, Blondes Have More Fun, Rod Stewart decides to start out the album with a sexy party with the disco-tinged come-on  Do Ya Think I’m Sexy. One of the greatest things about this song is that it sounds like its song title. Best of all, like most of Stewart’s songs, it is written as a narrative – almost like he was watching as an observer. But this changes when it comes to the infamous chorus “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy/ Come on, sugar, let me know/ If you really need me just reach out and touch me/ Come on, honey, tell me so.” Stewart is clearly talking about himself.
Other songs like Dirty Weekend are kinda, well, dirty. The word “pussy” does not fit the song – it’s straight up inappropriate.  The album further falls on its face with Last Summer. It sounds like he is trying to recreate a slower version of his classic Maggie May. It’s an epic fail on his behalf.

However, the absolute best song is the title track – a straight up rock song that proves to Stewart’s critics that he still a rock & roller in his heart. He even fuses disco and rock together with Standing in the Shadows of Love – which sound great no thanks to legendary drummer Carmine Appice and bassist Phillip Chen.

Overall, this album isn’t worth buying, however some of the good tracks like the title track, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Standing In the Shadows of Love are worth downloading.


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