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Pat Benatar is one of the best artists to emerge from the MTV era of rock & roll: the 60s-90s. Among such heavyweights as Journey, the lovely ladies of Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and even the Buggles, Benatar holds her own with her powerhouse

Cover of "Live From Earth"

vocals. This what has made her an icon. However, as with all great artists, they are meant to be heard live. Benatar proves she’s worthy of this with her 1983 live album, Live From Earth.

However, with all great artists, they are meant to be heard live and Benatar proves that she’s worthy of the “must-see” concert label.

She opens the show with the haunting classic “Fire and Ice.” However, things get really amazing when she breaks into the gritty “I Want Out” followed by the awesomeness that is “We Live For Love” and the grisly, sad, and controversial “Hell Is For Children.” That track is literally one that leaps out of the speakers and grabs you instantly. Clearly, this is Pat Benatar at her “tough-girl” persona best. One which she would abandon for another persona, a bit more personal one if you will – motherhood, with her 1984 album Tropico. The two studio tracks, the ever-popular “Love Is A Battlefield” and “Lipstick Lies” (both containing very memorable videos – such as Benatar herself doing Michael Jackson-style dance sequences) serve as a great transition into this new era for Benatar.

What Pat Benatar live album would not be complete without her performing her swan song, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot?” None! However, this is probably the weaker track of this album because you can barely hear her vocals. Since the album was recorded in many places, wherever they recorded it, the acoustics are TERRIBLE!

Benatar and her husband Neil Geraldo quickly redeem themselves on “Promises In the Dark.” The live version of “Promises In The Dark” actually sounds better than the recording as heard on 1983’s Precious Time album.

This album is okay, however it seems more or less like a greatest hits collection thrown in with a few new tracks. But its a good live album overall from what sounds like one exciting tour. B+

……concert ticket prices were cheaper?

……fans could vote on the entire library of the artist to perform.

Call it wishful thinking but if technology has its way, this could be a reality for the future of tours.

Not too long ago, before he died, Michael Jackson tinkered with this idea for his This Is It farewell concert. Also country supergroup Sugarland is apparently doing this for their current tour.

Now here is a proposed idea: what if you could vote on their setlist and, as a reward for voting, you receive a code to use at all ticket outlets that gives you upwards of 45% off of the ticket price?

This would be a great idea because unfortunately, ticket prices are too high for popular artists.

Tell me what you think

Pat Benatar, live, 2007-09-07

So I have come to the conclusion that, in this life, my 1st few dream concert tours will never happen. What is it you ask? The Beatles with Jimi Hendrix or Big Brother and the Holding Company with Amy Winehouse and Axl Rose. Sadly about 1/3 of these people are dead (John Lennon, George Harrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Amy Winehouse) and one is a bit bipolar and LOVES to cause fights.

However, one could happen with lots of wishful thinking: a tour with Heart, Pat Benatarand Stevie Nicks – the queens of rock and

roll! They could call it the Wild Hearts, Lovemongers, and Heartbreakers tour.

Could you imagine what their setlists would be? Here’s what I think it would be:

Pat Benatar

  1. Invincible
  2. You Better Run
  3. In the Heat of the Night (with Stevie Nicks)
  4. Go
  5. Diamond Fields
  6. Treat Me Right
  7. We Live For Love
  8. We Belong (with Nancy Wilson on acoustic guitar)
  9. Anxiety (Get Nervous)
  10. Heartbreaker
  11. Hell is for Children
  12. No You Don’t

Stevie Nicks

  1. Stand Back
  2. Outside the Rain
  3. Gypsy
  4. Secret Love
  5. Ghosts are Gone
  6. Wild Heart (Heart joins her for a duet)
  7. Stop Draggin My Heart Around
  8.  Enchanted
  9. How Still My Love
  10. Talk To Me
  11. No Spoken Word
  12. Edge of Seventeen (Pat Benatar joins her for a duet)


  1. Wild Child
  2. WTF
  3. Never
  4. Will You Be There (In the Morning)
  5. These Dreams (acoustic version with Nancy on mandolin)
  6. Magic Man
  7. Cook with Fire
  8. Straight On (Pat Benatar joins them onstage for a duet)
  9. Dog and Butterfly (Stevie joins them for a duet)
  10. Immigrant Song (Led Zepplin cover)
  11. Crazy On You
  12.  Barracuda

In 1982 a band from Boston entered an annual radio contest – a “battle of the bands,” if you will. They were a new wave bandthat consisted of 2 Berklee college alums (including indie darling Aimee Mann on bass and lead vocals) and a few other locals. Their song “Love In A Vacuum” was a hit and won them the contest. This eventually led to them landing a record deal with Epic Records – home of such legends as Michael Jackson, Blondie and Wham!.

That band was ‘Til Tuesday. In 1985 they released Voices Carry . It became a staple on Mtv when the network actually aired videos.

Voices Carry is a catchy little album. Mann’s bass playing combined with her vocals are hard to ignore. She plays hard on that

Cover of "Voices Carry"

bass and it shows on such tracks as Love In A Vacuum, Looking Over My Shoulder and the album’s title track.

However, the album falls flat on such tracks as Sleep, Maybe Monday, and Don’t Watch Me Bleed. Essentially, aside from the great new wave track that is Winning the War, side b is filler music and nothing more. It adds nothing to the listening experience.

Also one of the more quirkier things about this album is the fashion: lead vocalist Aimee Mann is wearing a rats tail hairdo. While this factor does date the album as far as the cover goes.