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So It has come to the attention of I, the Wild Heart, that yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the death of legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn. Since I was born, raised, and still reside in the great state of Texas – Stevie is a big deal when it comes to blues music. You could say he is the equivalent of what Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are to those on the Jersey shore.

However, there’s something about Stevie that makes him a little different than other guitarists. However, it has almost nothing to do with his technique, style or even vocals. It is what he believes. It turns out that later in his life, Vaughn rediscovered the faith of his childhood.

Here is an excerpt from his journal according to

“God…I pray that I be cleansed/washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. Born again. I pray that I may be of use to you as you see fit. Help me that I may do my part. Amen.” ……….”God has been very good to me. He is good to all life. The willingness to try to work on my health is another and I am grateful for this opportunity.” ……….”Altho I can get confused about life and it’s lessons, I can say that I am trying very hard to learn. I can see that I am learning how to care for others and for myself. Slowly sometimes, but surely nevertheless. I can play beautiful music. This is a gift that God has given me and a gift that I do my best to use for good and give it all I have. I am loved by many of God’s children for this, and because it does show that I am trying to grow in this life. God saved me among so many and I must accept that he has a purpose for me. If I am good enough for God, I should be good enough for me. Thank you, God!”

Also here is a sample from “Life Without You.”

“You know, right now, the most important thing in my life is to make sure you understand that first of all, I thank God I’m alive today. And I mean that. You see, I spent too many years of my life thinking that the big party was the whole thing. It took me quite a while to realize that the real deal is to be able to be enough of a person on your own to know when somebody loves you and cares about you. You see, we are here, as far as I can tell, to help each other. Our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our enemies. That’s to help each other, not hurt each other…and sometimes, to help them, we have to help ourself…so that we’ll know that they’re around in the first place.

You see, it’s a big world out there…there’s enough pain and misery in it without me going around and helpin’ it out by hurting myself, and consequently, those that care about me. What I’m trying to get across to you is: Please take care of yourself and those that you love…because that’s what we are here for, that’s all we’ve got, and that is what we can take with us.”

Now here is an interesting ordeal: the Wild Heart serves the same God that Stevie is talking about. I maybe a bit imperfect – actually I am VERY imperfect. But Christ makes me perfect.

Sadly for Vaughn, he passed away August 27th, 1990 in East Troy, Wisconsin in a helicopter crash.

His time may have been short, but he was one that will never be forgotten.

Just thought that was super-interesting to share.

Beyonce Is Preggers!!! Announces Pregnancy At MTV VMAs!! |

That’s right everyone, Houston’s own Beyonce announced at the MTV VMA’s that she and husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child.


With that said I would like to make a song dedication to Beyonce and her husband. It’s from one of my favorite singers, who, upon recording this song and the subsequent album, found out she was pregnant.

It was a night with the sisterhood of the traveling guitars, a Gold Dust Woman, and a lady hailing from Port Arthur, TX Friday night at the Flamingo Room in Houston, TX with Spare Heart – a Tribute to Heart, Nightbird: Stevie NicksTribute, & Kozmic Pearl – a tribute to Janis Joplin.

Kozmic Pearl helped everyone step back in time with their interpretation of the best of late legend Janis Joplin.

Kozmic Pearl helped everyone step back in time with their interpretation of the best of late legend Janis Joplin., and opener Black Roze.

BlackRozeHouston kicked off the evening with a nice rendition of Your Love by the Outfield. However, that was nothing compared to the sultry vocals of the excellent Pat Benatar classic Invincible by Claudia Valenzuela. Their set was like a nice iPod playlist. They were a pretty good warmup for what was to come.

Spare Heart kicked off their set with a nice rendition of the 1978 hit Straight On from the Dog & Butterfly album. They even added a few bars to the song in a sort of jam-like session virtue, which gave the song a strong, welcome-to-the-show-like quality. However, the definitive showstopper was none other than Heart’s 1985 single Never in which bass player Sean Harrold brought the house down with his mad bass-playing skills.

In the style of the original Heart, Spare Heart changed the pace of the show with a slow, yet beautiful rendition of Love Alive. However, lead singer Linda Lambert kicks it back into high gear with Crazy On You and the ever-enchanting Magic Man. One of the more interesting things about their performance of Magic Man is that guitarist Staci Butler stays true to the Dreamboat Annie Live version rather than the actual recording of Dreamboat Annie.

However, what performance of a Heart tribute band would not be complete with a rousing performance of Heart’s most recognizable hit, Barracuda, which is the [literal] high note that Spare Heart used to close their set.

Kozmic Pearl was essentially like a little glimpse into what it may have been like to see the late legendary Janis Joplin with the Kozmic Blues Band in 1969 at Woodstock in . However, the highlight was when lead singer Myrna Sanders launched into a sultry rendition of Summertime and Cry Baby. According to one event attendee, Sanders was pretty close in her interpretation of Janis Joplin in both voice and even her bohemian-like style.

The main headliner was Nightbird – a Stevie Nicks tribute band. Lead vocalist Brooke Alyson portrays “Stevie Nicks” with much finesse as she launched into the ever-popular Stand Back – complete with twirls and sashays much like the real Stevie Nicks. One of the interesting things is that Alyson consistently takes cues from Nicks’ live shows – such as Nicks recent live show at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion.

One of the best things about Nightbird is that, like Stevie herself, Alyson adds quite extensively to the performance version of the songs – much like she did on the classic 1985 single Talk To Me. Alyson’s version sounds more like the Live At Red Rocks version rather than the actual recording. One of the best moments is when she semi-quietly sings the line though we lay face to face and cheek to cheek/ Our voices stray from the common ground where they could meet/ The walls run high, to veil a swelling tear” and then bursts into the rest of this beautiful song, giving it a majestic bang.

Nightbird pleases both new and dire-hard fans of Stevie Nicks

However one of the major surprises is that Alyson performed some of the deeper tracks of Nicks’ career such as songs from her latest album In Your Dreams where she did an a capella version of Moonlight (A Vampires Delight) as a lead-in to Sorcerer. Sorcerer is a Buckingham Nicks song  that was meant for (but didn’t make the final cut) of the album of the same title that was released prior to Nicks and then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham’s union with Fleetwood Mac.

Another major albeit nice surprise was the fact that keyboard player Kelli Thompson sang the Fleetwood Mac hit You Make Lovin’ Fun from 1977’s Rumours album as well as guitarist Adam Walton’s interpretation of I’m So Afraid.

It was a great night that celebrated the three most influential women in rock and roll.

Thursday night at Stereo Live on Richmond in Houston, TX was given a lil’ blast from the past from Great Britian and the US in the form of 80s bands When In Rome, Animotion, and A Flock of Seagulls. In the words of Animotion bass player Charles Ottavio, “You have just stepped into a time machine and traveled back to 1985.”

Animotion literally stole the show for the night. Their high-energy show was nothing short of  infectious and made you want to bang your head metal-head style, dance, or both. This was due in part to lead singer Astrid Plane, who performed such songs as their best-known smash single from 1983, Obsession. Animotion performed songs from their 1st and 2nd albums such as I Want You as well as some new songs like Ready To Fly in which lead singer Plane said “this song is dedicated to anyone who has had to start over this year.”

Well-spoken, Astrid!

Special thanks to Cactus Records in Houston, TX for the tickets.

Alice Cooper, overall, is one of rock music’s greatest and craziest showmen. Love It To Death – the Alice Cooper Tribute Show stayed true to the timeless idea of crazy fun that is Alice Cooper Saturday night at the Flamingo Room in Houston, TX.

Lead singer Paul Byron opened the night of crazy fun with Department of Youth. However that was a mere warm-up to the most popular song of the evening No More Mr. Nice Guy.

One of the greatest things about Love It To Death was the showmanship of Paul Byron, who entered during Eighteen with a bent-up crutch. He Byron uses the crutch to push out guitarist Rob Jacobs out for a searing solo and uses it almost like he’s powering Jacobs like a wind-up doll.

Billion Dollar Babies was sung with as much fire and grit as Alice himself. Byron even threw out disco beads and fake money into the crowd with a fencing sword. However, that pales in comparison to both the scarily exciting snake that was bought out for It Is My Body.

As someone who has only a working knowledge of Alice Cooper, his stage show and music; this show makes the audience members want to further explore the music and stage show that is Alice Cooper. This is a show that should not be missed!

Nearly 27 years ago, a mother listened to her daughter’s copy Prince’s Purple Rain and came across the song Darling Nikki and heard the lyrics which talk about sex. This mother, Tipper Gore, was upset at what she heard. So, being the wife of US Senator and future Vice President Al Gore (D-TN), she teamed up with the other politicians wives to form the Parental Music Resource Center.

The PMRC is essentially a censorship watchdog group hopped up on a great deal of power that seeks to censor music.

However, one must wonder if it is a violation of our 1st Amendment Rights? It is because it is a double-edged sword. What maybe objectionable to one person may not be objectionable to another. Take for example the song 666 by Christian rockers DeGarmo and Key.It was banned due to violent content, even though Mtv has aired equally violent or more violent videos at the time that the song came out. Actually, it’s not that violent when say, compared to other music videos such as Be Chrool To Your Scuel by Twisted Sister or even the Michael Jackson classic epic Thriller. But perhaps it could be because of DeGarmo and Key’s strong Christian lyrics. We will never know.

Additionally, lyrical meaning can be misinterpreted. This always seemed to plague early rockers such as the Beatles – whose song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. The song was about a painting John Lennon’s son brought home from school. Everyone else thought it was about drugs because the song spells out the acronym “LSD.”

Also, is it needed nowadays with digital downloading and youtube? Instead of your parents putting down the gauntlet saying “you can’t listen to country music or other nonchristian music” when they themselves have a sizable record collection consisting of nothing but the Who, Pink Floyd, Heart, the Doors, Bad Company, etc. Now, if a child wants to listen to something the parent considers objectionable, they can always do one of these things:

  • Go to YouTube and watch a performance of the objectionable song. This is perhaps the easiest way for them to do this. If you have internet filters at your house, who is to say they don’t watch it at school, their smartphone (if it doesn’t have filters), a friend’s smartphone?
  • Internet radio. They can look up the objectionable song or artist by getting an account with Grooveshark,, or even Pandora.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

With that said, I think that it should be up to the parent, not the government, to allow the child to listen to whatever music. Because free speech is subjective. Now for me, if stuff like Katy Perry and Lady GaGa are still popular when I have children, I won’t let my children listen to them. But I will train them in right and wrong.

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Sammy Hagar: ‘I miss Van Halen’ | Celebrity Buzz – KKRW 93.7 The Arrow Houston’s Classic Rock Station.

I must admit, and I know I will probably anger many Van Halen purists, but it must come out: I like the Sammy Hagar years of Van Halen. I don’t know why, but I think it is because of this video here:

Black Sabbath reuniting | Celebrity Buzz – KKRW 93.7 The Arrow Houston’s Classic Rock Station.

That’s right all you metalheads! The original lineup of Black Sabbath is reuniting after nearly 33 years. They are reportedly recording a new album in their hometown of Birmingham, England. Their last studio album, Never Say Die, was released in 1978.

This will surely please all metalheads everywhere, which gives the Wild Heart fuzzy feelings inside. 

Unfortunately this weekend, the Indiana State Fair suffered a catastrophic loss of 5 people with dozens more injured when country band Sugarland was to take the stage.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time that something horrible has happened in concert. If anything, it should be a lesson to concert promoters and management to make sure that the stage is structured properly and also, if bad weather is coming – which they were reportedly forewarned a few hours earlier, please take the proper precaution so that this never happens.

Unfortunately in the past, some concerts have even gotten violent, such as these. May those that suffered or died know that you have not been forgotten.


Altamont was an accident waiting to happen when it came to security detail. It was billed as “Woodstock West” – it was anything but. Instead of getting regular security guards or even SFPD, they paid the San Francisco chapter of the Hells Angels with $500 worth of beer. The headlining Rolling Stones were intimidated by the whole situation. Mick Jagger urged everyone to “just be cool down in front there, don’t push around” shortly before a fight erupted within a minute of their third song “Sympathy For the Devil” – one minute into the song. After consistently telling the crowd to calm down, the Hells Angels went after 18 year old Meredith Hunter, who became a homicide victim after drawing a pistol. It was a rather violent festival that also included 3 accidental deaths, injuries, property damage and cars stolen.

The event was so violent that other acts such as the Grateful Dead refused to play after the Stones’ set.

Woodstock 99

A peace group passed out candles that were supposed to be lit when the Red Hot Chili Peppers played “Under the Bridge” but were instead used to make a massive bonfire and burn everything in sight. There were also reports of rape going on – including a woman who was crowd surfing during Limp Bizkit’s set, was pulled down into the crowd and gang raped.

1979 Who Concert Disaster

In 1979 the Who’s concert at Cincinnati, OH Riverfront Coliseum killed 11 fans and injured dozens more. Seating at the venue was festival seating – first come first served. There were only a few doors opened when everyone outside heard the band warming up and thought the concert had actually started. Bottlenecking ensued and people were essentially trampled and suffocated. This resulted in the remainder of the concert season of the venue, which included Aerosmith and Blue Oyster Cult, being cancelled as well as festival seating being banned in Cincinnati for many years.

The Station Fire in Rhode Island featuring Glam metal band Great White

The Station Fire in Rhode Island was perhaps one of the worst tragedies in concert history. On February 23, 2003 at a glam-metal themed nightclub, The Station, Great White was scheduled to perform and decided to use pyrotechnic gerbs during their opening number, which ignited the flammable sound insulation foam in the walls and ceilings that surrounded the stage. Over 100 lives were claimed including Great White’s lead guitarist Ty Longley and WHJY DJ Mike “The Doctor” Gonsalves.

Sugarland ‘heartbroken’ after Ind. stage collapse – Yahoo! News.

My heart goes out to both the band and those that suffered at that show. I hope that those that organized the concert will learn from their tragic choices .