Let me get this clear into your head I am NOT pregnant! I need a husband – as in I want to be married to the father of my future children 1st, so I can yell at him in the delivery room and cry like a baby with me when the lay little Rhiannon in my arms for the first time. (or Matthew if it’s a boy)

I kid you not its like babypalooza at church. But babies are good despite the fact that the poop, scream, cry, spit up, pull on your ears and cry when they see the Wild Heart. They are cute! I honestly believe they are a gift from God.

I have a friend who was due to give birth yesterday – her due date was yesterday. As far as I know, she has yet to do so. Therefore I am going to do her an unwarranted favor and give her and you a list of songs or albums that could possibly spur on labor for my friend. If you are reading this and are pregnant, I’m helping you even though I am not Dr. Wild Heart. (though I did get my BA in Communications-Broadcast Journalism)

  1. Tiki Tiki Tiki Room – those little birdies in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyworld. This whole ride/experience has been known to induce labor in pregnant women at Walt Disney World. That is why we have the video for you to watch!
  2. Inna Gadda Da VidaIron Butterfly. Wait for the 5+ minute drum solo. I’m pretty sure that will bring on the precious one along with the cursing.
  3. Young TurksRod Stewart. Though this song is rather good, I think that Rod Stewart’s voice can deliver babies.
  4. Friday – Rebecca Black.
  5. Speaking in Tongues – Talking Heads. If you have heard this album, it’s annoying but fun.

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