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10 years ago today, former Beatle George Harrison died of lung cancer in a rented mansion in Hollywood, CA. It was a sad day for the music world because, even though he was considered “the quiet” or “spiritual” Beatle, nevertheless it now meant there are now only 2 surviving Beatles: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. However, it also meant the death of the most underrated songwriters of the Beatles.

George revolutionized rock and roll by adding spiritual elements such as the sitar into Beatles recordings.This was in part, due to his own involvement with the Hare Krishna movement – Harrison was a devout follower of Hinduism. One of the first rock recordings that ever used the sitar was Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), which was played by Harrison himself. This ended up revolutionizing rock music.



Nikki Sixx pledges help after visiting military medical center | Celebrity Buzz – KKRW 93.7 The Arrow Houstons Classic Rock Station.

You gotta love it when rock stars such as Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac visit wounded soldiers.

When Stevie Nicks came to Houston in August and performed Solider’s Angel, she encouraged everybody to give to the USO and Wounded Warrior Project

Today I was on Twitter and found something rather hilarious: #badholidayspecials.

I have a few of my own.

Roseanne Barr sings the holiday classics In the 90’s, Roseanne Barr was best known to American tv audiences as Roseanne Connor, the title character of the show Roseanne. She was brash, controversial, and downright crazy. Her television show was controversial because it was one of the first to feature a same-sex kiss between two characters. Other reasons were due to plotlines dealing with masturbation, gay rights, teenage pregnancy, abortion, among others.

One of Roseanne’s most famous antics was when she performed the National Anthem in 1990 at the baseball World Series Game. It wasn’t so much that tv’s most-insane mother was performing it, but how she was performing it.  

Keeping Your House Safe During the Holidays With Fire Marshall Bill  Would you want this character from In Living Color telling YOU about fire safety in regards to a Christmas tree or menorah? Oh wait. They DID!

A Very Tiny Tim Christmas A falsetto voice for one whole hour. Either you will go deaf or fall into a deep depression that music has sunken this low. Oh and the show’s special guest would include Rebecca Black, William Hung and Justin Bieber!

Magic Kingdom

Disney is a pretty cool place. Why can't they totally rock out?

It’s no secret that the Wild Heart loves is all things related to Disney. Disney ROCKS when it comes to good art, animation, and just making people feel like kids again. My childhood would not be complete without such films like The Little Mermaid, Oliver and Co., Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and even Aladdin. The songs only made the films better.

As I wrote about earlier, Disney has a pretty interesting relationship with rock & roll and Broadway. However, one way I was thinking about earlier is how they have a Contemporary Christian music festival every year called “Night of Joy.” Night of Joy is one big festival that requires a separate ticket that takes place in the Magic Kingdom.

So as I was thinking today while watching a YouTube video about Epcot Center was this: what about a rock festival or concert series that incorporates both rockers past and present? Like Night of Joy, it would be a separate ticket event. However, it would dwarf Night of Joy in the form of 3 stages sometime over Memorial Day Weekend in May. There would be 3 stages that are active on 3 nights. The 3 stages would be set for different types of artists:

  • The disney stars stage would happen at the Magic Kingdom. Picture this: your young daughter is a big fan of Selena Gomez from Wizards of Waverly Place. What wouldn’t be more magical for your young daughter than to see her at night at the Magic Kingdom along with some of her other favorite Disney stars?
  • The Legends stage would be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It would feature such legends of rock as Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, Paul Simon, Heart, Aerosmith, Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow, Journey, Stevie Nicks, Sammy Hagar, etc. Better yet, to make it a bit more kid-friendly, these legends would be introduced by a current Disney Channel star so that it may be an easier thing for the younger kids to digest. In essence “this is what mom and dad listen to.”
  • The Disney Rocks! stage would consist of current rock artists who would be rockin’ either the Animal Kingdom or Epcot. The artist roster would be a who’s who of current rock artists such as the Kings Of Leon, Green Day, Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding, Foster the People, etc.

Better yet, they could even sell some special edition trade pins with the artists on them either featuring a classic album cover of the artist but, in place of the artist have either Mickey or Minnie. Or you could have a picture of the artist in a pose (Paul Simon with his guitar singing to an animated Mickey Mouse, Donald getting serenaded by Ellie Goulding, Mickey making faces at the Kings of Leon, etc) or Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy paying tribute to a well-known album. These would all be limited edition pins.

What do you think of this idea?

The Pretty Woman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is perhaps the quintessential 90’s romance comedy soundtrack with it’s pizzaz and sultriness.

Natalie Cole puts things in place with the freespirit anthem Wild Women Do. One of the best things about this track is, if you have seen the film, you can easily picture the sequence where Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Julia Roberts) are shopping on Rodeo Dr. for clothing in Beverly Hills.

One of the best things is that this particular soundtrack seems to play in a subconscious manner, the thoughts of the characters in relation to the scene. One of the best examples of this is the opening scene where Edward and his girlfriend (who is unseen) breakup while they are in Los Angeles and Manhattan, respectively. Edward, with very little remorse, takes his lawyer (played by Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander) Stuckey’s Lotus Espirit and drives down Hollywood Blvd where he meets Vivian, a hooker, for the first time.  This is well-played along with King of Wishful Thinking by Go West.

The soundtrack gains its sultriness with No Explanation by Peter Cetera. With his signature adult-contemporary sound, he adds a bit of a softer side to the album for the men. This softer side for the women is repeated with Lauren Wood’s Fallen.

Unfortunately there are a few weak spots: Robert Palmer’s Life In Detail and Tangled by Jane Wiedlin. They somehow do not seem to fit with the rest of the album. They both sound extremely over-produced.

IF you have not listened to the soundtrack Pretty Woman or even seen the film itself – both are great. It is the beautiful Cinderella – like story about a corporate raider who falls in love with a hooker and molds her into a beautiful woman. It is only made better by its soundtrack.

Logo of the TV series Glee.

I must admit, I love Glee. I love it not so much for the musical performances, but for the fact that it is reintroducing some great music and artists into the mainstream. One of the best things that Glee does is their themed episodes, usually around an artist or a musical genre. Last year, they did another episode featuring Lady GaGa, Britney Spears as well as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.

If you have been following the show this year, things have gotten pretty interesting: Sue Sylvester is now running for Congress. She wants music education abolished.

Here is a story arc they could do, but it would revolve around the somewhat politically-charged rock opera/concept album Kilroy Was Here by Styx. The premise would revolve around Sue wanting to censor everything the New Directions wants to accomplish musically.

Sue wants to run her campaign as a member of the “Majority for Musical Morality” along with her campaign manager, Dr. Righteous. Sue witnesses Puck doing a rendition of Hot For Teacher by Van Halen and brings it to the attention of Principle Figgins, whom she threatens to blackmail with a picture of them sleeping together once again if she doesn’t have her way. Figgins caves in and strongly scolds Mr. Schuster and Puck into submission. Mr. Schuster, as a punishment for letting Puck perform that song, must now sendin whatever song the kids choose to do. The kids, as a result, must have prior consent to whatever song they want to do. This also has a chilling effect on Shelby Cocoran’s group also. Both glee clubs hate it!

Shelby and Will Schuster, and his girlfriend Emma decide that Sue has gone too far and, this time, Sue is gonna get a fierce fighting back. Since Burt Hummel, Kurt’s dad and Finn’s stepdad, is running as a write-in candidate against Sylvester, they, along with both glee clubs decide to meet at Burt’s auto repair shop. They decide that this is an issue of censorship and that it would be a great way to teach the students about how bad censorship is. So they decide to use the 1983 classic album by Styx entitled Kilroy Was Here. Better yet, the kids and adults decide to use this album to film as a campaign commercial for Burt Hummel.

Kurt and Blaine team up and film a short commercial for Burt where they are singing Mr. RobotoThe commercial is a bit reminiscent of the classic 1984 Superbowl ad for Apple computers. It ends with “this is what you will get if you elect Sue Sylvester for Congress.”

Rachel and Finn, while out at Breadsticks one night, discover Sue on a date with the head of a major contributor to her campaign and hardcore political extremist. Rachel and Finn recognize him from the news and immediately call up Burt to tell him what they found. They also take pictures with their iPhones of the would-be Congress member and extremest canoodling in a nearby booth. The next afternoon, while at practice at Burt’s garage, Rachel performs Double Lifeand tells the Glee club what she and Finn saw


Burt decides to personally confront Sue about what Finn photographed. He and Sue sing a mashup of Cold War and Heavy Metal Poisoning as they verbally spar with each other.

Prior to election night, the Glee club releases another commercial with the photograph where they list all these accusations against Sylvester where they sing High Time.

Stevie Nicks photographed performing on 2-1-08...

In celebration of Ms. Nicks (and the fact that this blog is named after one of her best albums, The Wild Heart) coming to the land Down Under this week, we’d like to present you with the 10 best songs that every little Nicks fan needs on their Grooveshark account or iPod if you can get them onto there – some are rare tracks. If you do not have a Grooveshark account, please do get one. You can thank me later.

  1. Gold and Braid –  This was a song that was often performed live during the Bella Donna tour in 1981.Why she never put this on any recording is beyond me.
  2. Thousand Days – Powerful song for anyone who has ever been through a bad breakup.
  3. Nothing Ever Changes – Probably one of her most underrated rock songs. This one is from the 1983 classic The Wild Heart.
  4. Rock and Roll – Though you can never touch this original classic by Led Zepplin, Stevie comes closer than the Wilson sisters did in the early 80’s.
  5. Blue Lamp – The soundtrack to Heavy Metal was chock full of rock’s greatest heavy hitters.
  6. Magnet & Steel – She sings backup on this song. Nevertheless Walter Egan brings the song to an unprecedented portion of believability.