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Saturday was a pretty weird day that turned sad. I had just come home from a friend’s baby shower. I was sitting in front of my

Whitney Houston - Concert in Central Park /...

Whitney Houston - Concert in Central Park / Good Morning America 2009 - Manhattan NYC (Photo credit: asterix611)

television watching a dvrd episode of 30 Rock and I got the text that told of her fate. Needless to say, I was a bit saddened when I found out it was true – not that I didn’t believe the text. I then texted a close friend of mine the sad news. After all, she would’ve been of age to like her music.

One of my favorite Whitney moments was when she performed Hold Up The Light with gospel artists BeBe and CeCe Winans.

If you have been reading the Wild Heart for any length of time, you will know that I am a devout Christian that just happens to likes me some rock & roll. However, I do understand that rockers sometimes succumb to bad habits such as drugs and alcohol. Same goes for any Christians. I think that is what happened to Houston. She was both. She will be missed.


Okay, normally the Wild Heart NEVER gets political. However, todays post, well, that isn’t the case. Why? Read on Wild Heart lovers!

Today,l I read that there has been a bill introduced to Congress called the Stop Internet Privacy Act, a.k.a the Protect IPAct of

You could see something like this next time you bring up your favorite website. Do you really want that?

2011. Sounds good at face value does it not? There’s where you are wrong. It’s basically an internet censorship bill.

An internet censorship bill would mean an infringement on the US freedom that we cherish the most: free speech. Also, what it would do is stop any sort of unauthorizd streaming of audio or video. In short, unless any sort of video you watch is from a major media network or Vevo for music videos as well as Pandora, or iTunes for streaming audio – you can kiss the unauthorized videos of YouTube and basically all of Grooveshark goodbye. Also you can kiss sharing such “unauthorized” contraband goodbye too – you’ll be sent to prison.

Such popular websites such as Facebook, Mozilla, Paypal, LinkedIn, WordPress (where the Wild Heart calls her virtual internet home), and many others will either blackout or are considering a blackout on the day that the bill goes to the senate on January 24. Thus, the Wild Heart will be doing likewise on January 24.

This will also stifle small businesses because it threatens to shut down other places such as Etsy – an arts and crafts website where you can buy things such as a Michael Jackson softball or a purse made from a record, Grooveshark – where people upload music much like people upload videos on YouTube as well as YouTube itself. This is an assault on small businesses, up and coming artists (some of which do covers of classic songs and become famous themselves) just so that the already established businesses can keep making money.

Here’s a list of music industry SOPA supporters if you choose to boycott them:

American Federation of Musicians (AFM)

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)

American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA)

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

BMG Chrysalis


Capitol Records Nashville

CBS (and I would assume the people that own the rights to all things that were once CBS records)

Christian Music Trade Association

Church Music Publishers’ Association


Copyright Alliance

Country Music Association

Country Music Television

Disney Publishing Worldwide, Inc.

EMI Christian Music Group

EMI Music Publishing

Entertainment Software Association (ESA)

Gospel Music Association

Lost Highway Records

MCA Records

Mercury Nashville

National Songwriters Association

Provident Music Group

Republic Nashville

Showdog Universal Music

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Nashville

UMG Publishing Group Nashville

Universal Music

Warner Music Group

Warner Music Nashville

Word Entertainment

Now the ways that you can help are this: write your senators as well as President Barack Obama and tell him that this bill is an infringement on your rights to freedom of speech!

Universal Music Publishing Group

Happy 30th birthday. I wish I could say that you’ve come along way baby. Who knows, maybe you have but is that a good thing?

Please play some videos!

When you started out, you were a burst of sheer amazingness. I wasn’t even born in 1981 and watching all the classic MTV stuff on YouTube & VH1 Classic is still amazing. Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson, Martha Quinn, & Mark Goodman introduced everyone to the greatest pop/rock & R&B to ever grace a television set: Pat Benatar, Duran Duran, the late Michael Jackson, Stray Cats, Dire Straits, all those amazing other new wave & rock bands. Better yet, there were also the legends like the Who, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, Heart, Van Halen, and Yes that had innovative videos that made them cooler and bigger than they were already.

Unfortunately Mtv you disgust me. You don’t air videos. Sure, you air that crap you call the Jersey Shore or those whiny rich kids that dominate The Hills. All I can say is that you no longer deserve that “M” in your title, but rather an “S” – SuckTV because you are terrible. You don’t air videos anymore and when you do – they suck. Lady GaGa is horrible and a ripoff artist – remember Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons? Does her style not remind you of Lady Gaga? You have traded your originality for unoriginal, mindless, uninspiring entertainment. The last decent video you had in this century was a Taylor Swift video in which Kanye West interrupted her VMA speech for said video. Gone are the days of “You Better Run,” “Big Love,” “Money For Nothing,” “Take On Me,” and “Thriller.” Do the math.

So MTV I have some advice for you and I want you to listen very well: PLAY SOME VIDEOS! Do not play the Jersey Shore. I know thousands of people that would love you to do this.

The young grinch who tried to hurt rock fans worldwide by lying about Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi‘s death was arrested on Dec. 24th according to news sources. The federal government tracked the IP address of the boy’s computer.

The man, a highschool student and Pennsylvanian musician, admitted via a friend’s twitter account that he started the hoax. He did it because he was sick, tired, and possibly even jealous of the Bon Jovi frontman.



Rolling Stone 


So the big news story in the music world is that lead singer of Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi has reportedly died. Guess what, he’s alive and kicking – probably spending Christmas with his wife and kids. So the rest of New Jersey can breathe now because their other son is safe and sound.

Apparently the dailynewbloginternational thinks hoax death announcements are funny. They really aren’t.

 With that said, Johnny is alive.

Houston Skyline

Imagine for a moment a musical saturday night in Houston: there’s a highschool senior that is a trumpet player. He and his friends, also brass players, decide to go out and play for tips and maybe sit in at a local jazz bar. Meanwhile, a garage band nearby is also warming up – after all they have their first gig in a few weeks, so they must practice. In a nearby bar, a more seasoned rock rock band plays on. Meanwhile, a police officer is on patrol. As he and his partner are patrolling the neighborhoods, he hears all this various kinds of music. The cop has had a bad night with keeping the city safe. He hears the music outside the bar booming. He is not a fan of this genre. So what does he do? He pulls over, goes into the club and fines both the owner and band with a whopping $2000. The cop completely ignores the other bands that are playing nearby – including the brass band who has decided to not only get drunk but also play their musical instruments outside – but they are ignored by the cop.

This is what could happen if the police enforce this new city ordinance that will allow them to hand out tickets to anyone within a residential area or commercial area that goes over the new decibel limit: 65 decibels. According to the Houston Press Rocks Off blog, the police now do not need a sound meter to test the decibel limit – making it subjective according to what the officer sees.

This ordinance impedes on small businesses. I liken this to public intoxication and DUI’s: it’s unlawful for a cop to catch someone for suspicion of public intoxication or a DUI without giving them a blood test or a breathilizer. Why is it okay then for a cop to fine someone for suspicion of breaking the decibel ordinance without hard evidence?

Also, I have another question in regards to the claim made in the Houston Chronicle about the city not having enough money to even get the sound meters to test the decibel level at these venues – then tell me this Ms. Mayor, why the hell are you even bothering with this issue? 

Ms. Parker, this is like a cheap shot at the Houston music and bar scene. In a recession like this, we do not need to be shooting ourselves in the foot and putting more regulations upon businesses. Also, you are spitting on the legacies of some of the greatest musicians that got their start in Houston: R&B superstar Beyonce, country singer Lyle Lovett, contemporary christian artist Susan Ashton, rockers ZZ Top, and plenty more.

If you as a citizen want to have your opinion heard there will be a town hall meeting at Fitzgeralds on Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm. Fitzgeralds is located at 2706 White Oak Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77098.

 I must admit: I absolutely love FOX’s hit television show Glee. The Wild Heart is well-aware that, yes, some of the singers need a little “help” in the form of autotune and some of the themed episodes (such as the Britney Spears tribute episode “Brittany/Britney”) are a bit vapid. However, one of the best things about Glee is that the show is introducing classic rock and pop songs  to a brand new generation as well as current hit songs. It’s also getting this new generation excited about performing once again.

Glee uses both classic and current pop/rock to tell the story of the teenagers that perform with the New Directions glee club at Mckinley Highschool. Some of these performances can be breathtakingly great, such as their performance of New York by Alicia Keys. Some can be funny, such as Finn and Quinn’s impending birth announcement to Quinn’s parents by using the Paul Anka classic Having My Baby  – which of course gets Quinn kicked out of her parent’s house. Others can be rather touching, such as Puck’s performance of Waiting For A Girl by Foreigner to his two-year-old daughter.

Since the show hit the airwaves in 2009, not only have some artists seen both a sales resurgance and renewed interest into their music (such as Fleetwood Mac, who saw a 1,951 % increase in record sales for their landmark 1977 release Rumours) Other artists such as Britney Spears also saw a spike in record sales too.

However, artists such as Slash (of Guns & Roses fame) and the Kings of Leon have laid down the law and said “no” when it comes to using their music. I think that these artists are failing to see that teenagers and other audiences can rediscover their music. By these artists doing this, they are denying this discovery.

Additionally, Glee is inspiring kids to make music once again. When I was in highschool, it was the ‘uncool’ thing to be in the choir or glee club (mine wouldn’t let me in, just so you know). Now, enrollment in such activities has doubled. Additinally, applications to arts colleges have seen a spike too.

One thing, however, that I would like to see with the show is this: have them release an album that contains the original recordings of the songs that are performed each season. Don’t get me wrong: it’s okay that they release their album of songs as featured and sung on the show. But I think this would be a better way to introduce some of the older music and newer music to a new generation. Also, as a viewer I would like to see more guest spots of the artists that you cover. For example: when one of the characters covered the Fleetwood Mac classic Landslide, Stevie Nicks paid a personal visit to the cast. Why not try to writer her into the actual episode – like she could be Puck’s mother or whatnot. Same goes for the members of Van Halen – whose song Hot For Teacher was recently covered on the show. Perhaps a cameo from Eddie Van Halen would be just fine.


The Glee Effect 

More on how Glee has turned the music industry inside out