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2013 I am afraid is not going to be my year. To me it sounds alot like the opening lines of the theme song to Friends: “so no one told you life was gonna be this way (clap clap clap clap)/ Your job’s a joke/ You’re broke/ Your love life’s DOA.” Ok so technically my job isn’t a joke and I’m hardly broke (just super stingy) but the first and last of that are 100% true.

For starters, one of my closest friends has moved away to California. To me, she’s the closest thing I will ever have to a big sister. Though I am happy for her and her husband, it doesn’t mean I won’t miss them. Skype and Facetime can’t substitute for human interaction.

I have tried everything from watching various british sitcoms (nice try Miranda Hart!), record shopping (I ended up with a few classics like Florence + the Machines Ceremonials, The Pretenders self-titled debut, So by Peter Gabriel, etc), but nothing so far. Talking to God seems to be helping though.

This is all apart of being an adult. It doesn’t get any easier from childhood to adulthood. I must embrace that.

But thank God that he has given us something to also help us cope: music.

10)Fight It Out” by Pat Benatar

Benatar is one of the greatest angry rockers of all-time, no doubt. But as we all know, sometimes the best way to go through a storm is to ride it out. Yeah, it’s scary as hell, but that’s mother nature for you. The same also rings true for the curveballs being strategically aimed at you: you gotta put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

Hearing Pat sing this is hearing her own pain and anguish. I can’t help but wonder after reading her 2010 autobiography Between A Heart and A Rock Place if this was written about her ongoing struggles with Chrysalis Records and her then-off relationship with husband/guitarist Neil “Spyder” Giraldo.

9) “Hurricane Drunk” by Florence + the Machine

There’s something weirdly hopeful about this song. Maybe it is the fact that she says “at least things can’t get any worse.” She is right.

8) “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix (or Bob Dylan)

“There must be some kind of way out of here,” 
Said the joker to the thief, 
“There’s too much confusion, 
I can’t get no relief. 
Businessman they drink my wine, 
Plowman dig my earth 
None will level on the line, nobody offered his word, hey” 

Penned by the greatest poet to walk the planet, Bob Dylan, who took his inspiration from a biblical passage in Isaiah 21:5-9. It would be safe to say that maybe this was Dylan’s own interpretation of what Isaiah was saying.

Regardless of who sang it, the words are presently true.

7) “The Logical Song” by Supertramp

The best thing about hard times is that, if you are smart, you learn something. Like the fact that sometimes it’s best to shut your mouth out of fear of judgment.

The best thing about “The Logical Song” is that, in it’s own smart way, it shows emotion. That’s a rare feat for any artist.

6) “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel featuring Kate Bush

Written during the massive recession of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s reign, “Don’t Give Up” is a timeless classic in subject matter and composition. It speaks well to this day with Kate’s reassuring “don’t give up” mantra.

5) “All Star” by Smash Mouth

For anyone who has been told that they were dumb, tactless, stupid, ugly, fat, bitch – this is the quintessential song of hope of loserville.

4) “Trip To Pain” by Dakoda Motor Co.

3) “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” by Billy Joel

2) “Human” by the Human League

If you live in the US, you have probably seen this on the latest Allstate Insurance commercial. Unfortunately we are all human. If not we would be robots. I prefer robots.

1) “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John

I love the song “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel. It’s like 40 years of history crammed into one song. However, it is now a little out of date because, let’s face it, alot has happened since the song’s release in 1989. So Mr. Joel, if you are reading this, here is a list of suggestions you can put in from the past 22 years.


  • Mandela freed – Future President of Africa Nelson Mandela is freed from a political prison.
  • Gulf WarUSand coalition forces invade Kuwait in order to get Iraqi President Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

    Billy Joel performing in Jacksonville, Florida...

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  • CGI – Computer Generated Imagery is further utilized in the film Total Recall.
  • Unplugged – Mtv premieres the successful Unplugged concert series featuring Squeeze.
  • Nirvana


  • Rodney King riot – After a videotape leaked of LAPD cops beating suspect Rodney King, the cops were freed. Rioting in South Central Los Angeles ensued.
  • Mike Tyson – Boxer who was charged with rape as well as domestic abuse. He also won many fights and even bit the ear of fellow boxer Evander Holyfield.
  • Truth Or Dare – Madonna documentary showing her during the Blonde Ambition World Tour. Was considered the highest grossing documentary of its time and is currently the 8th highest grossing documentary of all-time.
  • Beauty and the Beast– 1st animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.
  • Magic Johnson – NBA star that announced he had HIV


  • Apartheid Ends -White South Africans vote to end apartheid and have more racial equality in government in South Africa.
  • EuroDisney opens
  • Bill Clinton
  • LA riots
  • Boris Yeltsin


  • Monica Seles – tennis player that was stabbed during a match.
  • Bosnia – lots of war between Muslims and Eastern Orthodox followers.
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Military policy enacted by President Bill Clinton that allowed closeted gays and lesbians into the military as long as they kept quiet about their personal lives. It was repealed by President Barack Obama in 2011.
  • Schindler’s List – high grossing Steven Spielberg film about Oskar Schindler, a man who helped save many Jewish people during the Holocaust.
  • Prince’s new name – Singer Prince changes his name to an unpronounceable love symbol.


  • Kurt Cobain blown away – lead vocalist for Nirvana commits suicide.
  • Baseball strike – ends the season
  • Forrest Gump – won Best Picture at the Oscars.
  • Weezer
  • Jenny Jones murder tv– On an episode of the Jenny Jones show entitled “Same Sex Crushes,” 32-year old Scott Amedure revealed to a heterosexual friend Jonathan Schmidz that he had a crush on him. A few weeks after the show, Schmidz killed Amendure with a shotgun at his mobile home.


  • Selena – extremely popular Tejano singer who was murdered by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar. This may not have been a big deal in the rest of the country, but it was a BIG deal in Texas and the Southwest, as the Wild Heart was born and raised here.
  • Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee – Motley Crue drummer and a playboy model make a sex tape.
  • Rox – 1st show broadcasted over the internet.
  • Who Shot Mr. Burns – shocking Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns gets shot.


  • HDTV – 1st introduced in 1996.
  • Taco Liberty Bell
  • Evita starring Madonna, is released.


  • Surfing the web – term used to describe the fact that you were now on the internet.
  • Princess Diana dies
  • Titanic


  • Another Congo War
  • El Nino – weather cell that wreaked a great deal of the west and south coast.
  • Van Halen version 3 – Gary Cherone takes the seat of lead vocalist. It was previously held by David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar.


  • US President Bill Clinton admits he lied about having sex with Monica Lewinsky
  • Woodstock 99 becomes known as “Woodstock Apocalypse” due to the raging bonfires, theft, violence, and rape.



  • World Trade Center in flames – The World Trade Center and the Pentagon in New York City and Washington DC are attacked by terrorists piloting major airliners and ramming them into the buildings. The World Trade Center crashes to the ground. The US is DEVASTATED.
  • Enron files for bankruptcy in Houston, TX.
  • Clear Channel Memorandum – after 9/11 Clear Channel issues a memorandum containing a list of 150 potentially offensive songs in light of the terrorist attacks.
  • US goes to war with Afghanistan.


  • U2 performs during the Superbowl Halftime show and pays tribute to those killed on September 11, 2001.
  • The Lord of the Rings
  •  Daniel Pearl


  • US goes to war with Iraq and captures leader Saddam Hussein
  • Space Shuttle Columbia disentigrates upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The Station Nightclub Fire kills nearly 100 people attending a concert by Great White.

Anyways that is all I have for now. Tell me what you think!

jon bon jovi

Today’s announcement of who was nominated to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is absolutely exciting because the famous snub of the Wilson Sisters, aka Heart, is no more!

The main requirement for an artist or group to have this honor bestowed on them is that their first album must have been released 25 years ago. However, many have been famously snubbed over the past few years.So here is who the Wild Heart would like to see get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  1. Bon Jovi – They were nominated in 2010 but did not make it. However, it’s rare that a band that had a nearly 10-year absence from radio can bounce back like they did and, better yet, still record and tour together. Even better, songs such as Livin’ On A Prayer and You Give Love A Bad Name are still extremely popular.
  2. Stevie Nicks – Though technically she is already a member by way of her being in Fleetwood Mac; she is not, however, a member as a solo artist. She qualifies because Bella Donna was released in 1981 – 30 years ago. But the main thing that should get her in is the fact that she has influenced many artists from Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige, Destiny’s Child (who sampled the main guitar riff of Edge of Seventeen for their song Bootylicious), Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Dixie Chicks, you name it. Also, at the ripe age of 63, she is still putting out records and going on tour.
  3. Nirvana – Cobain and co. will be eligible in 2016. Without a doubt they should be in immediately. They were the true kings of grunge.
  4. The EurythmicsIn The Garden was released in 1981. Annie Lennox, along with Michael Jackson, revolutionized music videos.

1991: Spencer Elden at three months old on the...

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Well 2 days ago the Wild Heart missed a major, and I mean MAJOR album birthday: as of September 24th, 2011 it was 20 years ago to the date that grunge-heads everywhere went insane with the release of Nevermind by Nirvana. This is considered the quintessential, if not defining, album of grunge music.

However, there’s probably much either you did or didn’t know about this masterpiece. So here it is folks, the 10 things you probably didn’t know about Nevermind by Nirvana.

  1. The album’s 4th track, Breed, was originally called “Immodium.”
  2. Upon their signing to Geffen records, a number of producers for the album were suggested, mostly high-end ones. Nirvana, however, still wanted Butch Vig. Novoselic said in 2001 that the band was already nervous about recording on a major label, and the producers suggested by DGC wanted percentage points for working on the album. However, the band held out for Vig because they felt comfortable collaborating with him.
  3. Most of the album was recorded in Van Nuys, CA. To help pay for gas money, Nirvana performed a show to get gas money. At that show they debuted a new song that would essentially become their signature hit: Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  4. American record stores received an initial shipment of 46,251 copies. The UK received 35,000 copies where Bleach had been successful.
  5. Nirvana wanted Nevermind to sound very heavy like a Slayer record. Therefore during the mixing process they chose Slayer’s producer, Andy Wallace, to oversee the mixing and mastering of the album.
  6. Nevermind was originally titled Sheep.
  7. The parents of Spencer Eldin, the baby pictured on the album cover, were paid $200. Since the picture contained the child absolutely nude, there was plans to have a censored album cover. However, lead singer Kurt Cobain protested.
  8. Smells Like Teen Spirit was not purposely named after the women’s deodorant. It was named after a female friend of Cobain’s sprawled “Kurt smells like teen spirit” on his wall in his bedroom. Coincidentally, Cobain’s then-girlfriend Tobi Vail, wore the deodorant.
  9. In 2005, the Library of Congress added Nevermind to the National Recording Registry, which collects “culturally, historically or aesthetically important” sound recordings from the 20th century.
  10. Cobain was still working on the album’s lyrics during the recording of Nevermind. Additionally, Cobain’s phrasing on the album is often hard to get.


Kerrang magazine article

Controversial Album Covers | Houston Music |

Which one is your favorite?

Freddie Mercury in New Haven, CT at a WPLR Show.

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In honor of what would have been Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday, Google Canada yesterday and today the US version of Google have devoted their entire frontpage to the legendary frontman. So with that said,  here’s 10 cool things you probably didn’t know (or maybe you did) about Queen.

  1. Lead singer Freddie Mercury was a Parsi born in Zanzibar. Mercury grew up there and in India until his he was around 16 or 17. He has been referred to as “Britain’s first Asian rock star”
  2. Mercury grew up in a family that practice Zoroastrianism. His funeral in 1991 was conducted by a Zoroastrian priest.
  3. Onstage, Mercury was a flamboyant man but has been reported to be privately a bit of a shy person.
  4. Queen have sold 32.5 million albums in the United States, about half of which have been sold since Mercury’s death in 1991.
  5. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody has been forever immortalized in the movie Wayne’s World.
  6. Numerous bands and artists, some of whom are legends themselves, have all cited Queen as influences. Some of these legends include Journey, Nirvana, Guns & Roses, Green Day, and the Killers.
  7. “Don’t Stop Me Now” was featured in the BBC television show Top Gear. In 2005 the song was voted as “The Greatest Driving Song Ever” by its viewers.
  8. There has been talk of a screenplay being written about Mercury’s life. British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat) is slated to play the famous frontman.
  9. Mercury had an extremely versatile vocal range that extended from bass low F (F2) to soprano high F (F6).He could belt up to tenor high F (F5).
  10. Mercury was also a piano player who played on a few of Queen’s songs

On July 27, 1981 Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks released her landmark solo album Bella Donna. That album with songs

30 years of entertainment and white-winged doves

like Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, Leather and Lace – both duets with Tom Petty and Don Henley respectively, and the ever-popular Edge of Seventeen launched her enduring solo career. Though its a belated birthday, I, would like to present you with the 10 facts that you probably didn’t know about Bella Donna.

  1. The most well-known single from this album is, of course, Edge of Seventeen. Nicks has said that this song is about the death of her uncle and the death of John Lennon. She explained in her Live In Concert video that “I was in Australia when John Lennon was shot. Everybody was devastated. I didn’t know John Lennon, but I knew Jimmy Iovine, who worked with John quite a bit in the ’70s, and heard all the loving stories that Jimmy told about him. When I came back to Phoenix I started to write this song. Right when I got to Phoenix, my uncle Bill got cancer, got very sick very fast, and died in a couple of weeks. My cousin John Nicks and I were in the room when he died. There was just John and I there. That was part of the song when I went running down the hallways looking for somebody – I thought where’s my mom? Where’s his wife and the rest of the family? At that point I went back to the piano and finished the song.”
  2. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around was one of the earliest videos to air on a new network that debuted on August 1, 1981 at midnight called Mtv. Mtv ended up being massively popular with teenagers and young adults and introduced both Tom Petty of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Nicks to a younger audience.
  3. Producer Jimmy Iovine (who has since worked with rap artist Eminem, Dr. Dre and R&B singer Mary J. Blige among others) produced the album. Iovine and Nicks ended up moving in together during the making of the album.
  4. Bella Donna is an italian expression for “beautiful woman.”
  5. Some tracks did not make the final cut of Bella Donna, but were included on other albums. Some of these tracks were “I Sing For Things (which was eventually re-recorded for her 1985 album Rock A Little), Gypsy (which was included later on Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album in 1982), Sleeping Angel (which was included on the soundtrack to the hit film Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Blue Lamp (which was included on the Heavy Metal soundtrack) and Gold and Braid, which Nicks has performed live for the Bella Donna tour.
  6. The Bella Donna tour kicked off in Houston, TX at the the Summit, which was also where fellow rockers Journey recorded their 1981 Live In Houston – the Escape Tour video. Nicks herself would later return to The Summit in 1989 for her The Other Side of the Mirror tour and film the video for Whole Lotta Trouble at said concert. The Summit was the home of the Houston Rockets and later became known as the Compaq Center. It now currently houses bestselling Christian author Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.
  7. There are many tracks that still remain officially unreleased but have become popular on sites like youtube and other peer-to-peer sites. Some of these tracks include “Castaway,” “Lady From the Mountains,””China Doll”, “Christian (Spinning Wheels)”, another duet with Tom Petty, and “Stay Away.”
  8. Bella Donna hit #1 on the US Billboard charts in September 1981 and was awarded platinum status 2 months later. It has since gone 4x platinum.
  9. This was the 1st recording to feature Nicks’ longtime backup vocalists Sharon Celani and Lori Perry Nicks.
  10. Nicks wrote Leather and Lace for a duet album for country singer Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. However it wasn’t used by either singer so Nicks recorded it as a duet with Don Henley. The song itself hit #6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in January 1982.