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Okay, normally the Wild Heart NEVER gets political. However, todays post, well, that isn’t the case. Why? Read on Wild Heart lovers!

Today,l I read that there has been a bill introduced to Congress called the Stop Internet Privacy Act, a.k.a the Protect IPAct of

You could see something like this next time you bring up your favorite website. Do you really want that?

2011. Sounds good at face value does it not? There’s where you are wrong. It’s basically an internet censorship bill.

An internet censorship bill would mean an infringement on the US freedom that we cherish the most: free speech. Also, what it would do is stop any sort of unauthorizd streaming of audio or video. In short, unless any sort of video you watch is from a major media network or Vevo for music videos as well as Pandora, or iTunes for streaming audio – you can kiss the unauthorized videos of YouTube and basically all of Grooveshark goodbye. Also you can kiss sharing such “unauthorized” contraband goodbye too – you’ll be sent to prison.

Such popular websites such as Facebook, Mozilla, Paypal, LinkedIn, WordPress (where the Wild Heart calls her virtual internet home), and many others will either blackout or are considering a blackout on the day that the bill goes to the senate on January 24. Thus, the Wild Heart will be doing likewise on January 24.

This will also stifle small businesses because it threatens to shut down other places such as Etsy – an arts and crafts website where you can buy things such as a Michael Jackson softball or a purse made from a record, Grooveshark – where people upload music much like people upload videos on YouTube as well as YouTube itself. This is an assault on small businesses, up and coming artists (some of which do covers of classic songs and become famous themselves) just so that the already established businesses can keep making money.

Here’s a list of music industry SOPA supporters if you choose to boycott them:

American Federation of Musicians (AFM)

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)

American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA)

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

BMG Chrysalis


Capitol Records Nashville

CBS (and I would assume the people that own the rights to all things that were once CBS records)

Christian Music Trade Association

Church Music Publishers’ Association


Copyright Alliance

Country Music Association

Country Music Television

Disney Publishing Worldwide, Inc.

EMI Christian Music Group

EMI Music Publishing

Entertainment Software Association (ESA)

Gospel Music Association

Lost Highway Records

MCA Records

Mercury Nashville

National Songwriters Association

Provident Music Group

Republic Nashville

Showdog Universal Music

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Nashville

UMG Publishing Group Nashville

Universal Music

Warner Music Group

Warner Music Nashville

Word Entertainment

Now the ways that you can help are this: write your senators as well as President Barack Obama and tell him that this bill is an infringement on your rights to freedom of speech!

Universal Music Publishing Group

Stevie Nicks photographed performing on 2-1-08...

In celebration of Ms. Nicks (and the fact that this blog is named after one of her best albums, The Wild Heart) coming to the land Down Under this week, we’d like to present you with the 10 best songs that every little Nicks fan needs on their Grooveshark account or iPod if you can get them onto there – some are rare tracks. If you do not have a Grooveshark account, please do get one. You can thank me later.

  1. Gold and Braid –  This was a song that was often performed live during the Bella Donna tour in 1981.Why she never put this on any recording is beyond me.
  2. Thousand Days – Powerful song for anyone who has ever been through a bad breakup.
  3. Nothing Ever Changes – Probably one of her most underrated rock songs. This one is from the 1983 classic The Wild Heart.
  4. Rock and Roll – Though you can never touch this original classic by Led Zepplin, Stevie comes closer than the Wilson sisters did in the early 80’s.
  5. Blue Lamp – The soundtrack to Heavy Metal was chock full of rock’s greatest heavy hitters.
  6. Magnet & Steel – She sings backup on this song. Nevertheless Walter Egan brings the song to an unprecedented portion of believability.

If you know the Wild Heart well, you know that there is a few musical things that are important to her……..or at least she thinks is pretty interesting:

  • Stevie Nicks – heck she named the blog after her album The Wild Heart because, after all, it is a pretty good album.
  • all things classic rock/pop
  • God – well that one goes without saying
  • all things related to the 80’s – all inclusive on this one
  • record stores
  • Grooveshark – pretty groovy little music service introduced to me by my ex-boyfriend.

And lastly, the early days of a certain network that no longer lives up to its own name: MTV. Since it’s inception in 1981, one thing has changed vastly: technology. Remember the days where you would wait around the radio or the television to listen to your favorite song. I know I did it with pretty much any song by either LeAnn Rimes, Avalon (christian band), Point of Grace (another Christian band – think the christian equivalent of the Spice Girls), etc.

Well now no thanks to technology, iTunes and some amazing web developers who probably love music as much as I do, you can now listen to whatever song whenever you want.

Since I (and hopefully you) are a big fan of old skool MTV, I decided to make a playlist out of the 1st 24 hours of MTV. However, there are a few songs that we couldn’t find on Grooveshark right now. Songs like Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden, Little Suzi’s on the Up by PHD, In the Air Tonite by Phil Collins, Lucille, by Rockestra, Remote Control/Illegal by the Silencers, Hold On To The Night by Boot Camp, Victim by Boot Camp, Oh God I Wish I Was Home Tonite by Rod Stewart, Cruel You by the Shoes, Calling All Girls by Hilly Michaels, Let’s Go by the Cars, Riding Out the Storm by REO Speedwagon, I Don’t Want To Know by Robin Lane and the Chartbusters, Kid Blue by Louise Goffin, In My Arms Again by the Shoes, and finally Victim by Bootcamp.


Ladies and gents, I need to admit something: I have a love-hate relationship with Pandora radio. My Stevie Nicks station now only plays indie music – not her solo stuff, Fleetwood Mac or even Buckingham Nicks – all of which I have separate stations for. Additionally, I am sick of it playing the same songs of hers or Fleetwood Mac every single time I bring it up: Landslide. I also tried to give a shot but it went down in a blaze of glory. However, no thanks to the ex-boyfriend of me, the Wild Heart, I have been introduced to something that is nothing short of amazing: Grooveshark. Better yet, it’s legal and free unless you don’t want ads – then you must pay. But the best thing is you can upload songs and listen to songs in a query, but you don’t download them.

I have found many random things on there, so I will tell you of what they are. They are mostly rarities – like I have never heard them OR I haven’t heard them since I was a child. The 0 of the best that I have found on Grooveshark.

  1. Stand In My PlaceBryan Duncan. This is one of those songs that to me, just screamed “put me at number one.” I grew up listening to Contemporary Christian music because I was born, raised, and still am a rather devout Christian. I used to hear this all the time back in 1991-1993 when I was 4-7 on 89.3 FM KSBJ. As Christian music matured a little in the 90’s, this song and artist virtually disappeared from KSBJ’s playlists. As I myself discovered my own faith outside of the faith of my parents and grandparents (I’m Protestant, raised Southern Baptist, but now attend a Vineyard church). Something about the lyrics that say “you traded paradise for poverty/ created all and laid it all on the line for me/ I’m just an ordinary heart and soul/ you bridged an ocean to stand in my place.” Nobody else would have done that for me, and that is why I choose Christ.
  2. All My LIfeBryan Duncan. This was also a song that has since disappeared from the airwaves of KSBJ. Glad to see it once again on Grooveshark.
  3. Thousand DaysStevie Nicks. Since I have become quite a bit of a Stevie Nicks fan lately, I have been looking up her music alot on the internet. I came across this on Grooveshark and it turns out this is on her Enchanted box set – which is somewhat of a limited edition from what I hear. I don’t think it is a demo because it sounds professionally produced, that is, unless she produced it herself. Either way it is one amazing track. I cannot help but wonder who the song is aimed at and what album was it meant for.
  4. Love In A World Gone MadAgnetha Faltskog. Though I am not a big fan of ABBA, this woman is a really good pop artist. I wish she would have gone places beyond Sweden.
  5. Races Are RunBuckingham Nicks. Before Lindsey Buckingham and his then-girlfriend Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac, they were known as Buckingham Nicks. They recorded one album together entitled Buckingham Nicks. It is considered a rare album, however many bootleg cds have surfaced. Lindsey Buckingham has expressed interest in re-releasing the album, however it has yet to be released.
  6. Pac-Man FeverBuckner and Garcia. For some reason I find this song amusing.
  7. Cest La VieRobbie Neville. I first saw this song on VH1 Classic’s Greatest One-Hit Wonders. I must say that back in his day, Robbie was one hottie. Sadly now he looks like an old man and those cute-boy looks have long gone.
  8. Into the Hollywood Groove – Missy Elliott featuring Madonna. Normally I am not a big rap fan. However, I will make an exception for this song because I like Madonna on the chorus.
  9. 96 Tears ? and the Mysterians. Kids, this is what drugs and music sound like mixed together.
  10. BLOX germ-killerGTA Vice City. I would imagine that somehow, some way, Howard Hughes would use so much of this germ-killer that he probably would own the company and run it from his little theater in his house much akin to how he was in The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio