Billy Joel is one of the most versatile artists that rock & roll has ever encountered. One album could be heavy-laden with jazz-tinged songs, and the next one could be something completely different. They are never dull and always keep listeners wondering “what is Billy gonna do next.” The same rings true with his 1983 release An Innocent Man – a direct homage to Joel’s influences.

The album, upon first hearing, makes you wanna get up and dance. Especially on Easy Money, which is an homage to the musical and vocal style of James Brown. Other songs such as The Longest Time – which Joel required 14 track harmony and harmonizes with himself.

However, one of the greatest tracks is none other than Uptown Girl, where Joel laments about loving a woman that is clearly out of his league as far as looks and money are concerned. rumored to be about Joel’s then-girlfriend (later mother of his daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, and now ex-wife), supermodel Christie Brinkley. However,  she is present in the video.

One of the best things about Billy Joel’s albums are that they capture what it feels like to be in New York. As a native Texan, this is a great thing because it is extremely different. To me, this album screams like it came from the borough of Queens circa 1955-1962. This is what makes this album a fun and happy album to listen to.

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