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part 1

So we got there, they opened with “It’s Only Life.” It sounded great, but you could tell Carnie was a little sick. But they performed alot fo their hits as well as songs from the new album, Dedicated, where they cover songs made popular by their famous parents.

The highlight of the show was that they kept bantering each other, which, for someone who just went through Summerfest (which may or may not be discussed in another post), this was nothing.

The other highlight of the evening was of course, meeting them. They were very nice. I introduced myself to Wendy, the member that invited me and the one I interviewed via phone for the Houston Press. I told her the article came out great. (It did considering the circumstances I was writing under: family drama and grief) We of course posed for pictures. That was basically it.

Either way it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to as well as best venue I have ever seen. On another note, one thing I noticed about the venue was that when you go inside, there’s a marker of where the water hit when Hurricane Ike came back in 2008 and nearly destroyed the place. They got over 6 feet of water! Yet due to restoral work, it looks IMMACULATE inside.


So as you may know, the Wild Heart (aka: “Christina Lynn” or “Christina Lynn Hildebrand”) has been wildly busy with her writings at the Houston Press Rocks Off blog, blogging for another private company, and soon to be blogging for It has been one wild ride complete with many interviews.

Since I have been working as a freelancer for the Houston Press, I have gotten to interview many interesting individuals  famous, semi-famous, and unknown. However, the one that at least as of recently has always stood out was the time I met Wilson Phillips.

For those of you that are 60s/90s pop culture illiterate, here’s a rundown of who exactly they are: they are a vocal group made up of the two daughters of Beach Boy member Brian Wilson (the guy that made such hits as “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “God Only Knows,” “Good Vibrations, that whole Pet Sounds album, etc) and the daughter of Mamas and the Papas (best-known for such 60s classics as “California Dreaming,” “Creeque Alley,” “Monday Monday,” etc)

Anyways, so here’s how it all came about: I recommended to my editor that we do an interview with Wilson Phillips. The reason was because, at the time, they were back on top of their game: they had just made a very memorable cameo in the hit US comedy Bridesmaids, which essentially resulted in their careers being revived (that rarely happens for a pop group) in a major way – eventually resulting in them getting their own reality show. He approved so I got to work immediately.

I bought their first two albums, their self titled one and its follow-up. I also tried to watch their reality show, but was unsuccessful because I don’t have Comcast cable (AT&T is better) and their show is on the TVGuide channel, which isn’t provided by my cable provider. Bummer! So I end up watching clips of their show because, hahaha, you need Comcast to watch the TV Guide Channel online.

Monday came and it was a bittersweet day. Bitter because I had to put my dog Captain down, but sweet because I got to interview Wendy Wilson of Wilson Phillips. After the interview, I mentioned I was going to try to come to their show in Galveston at the Grand 1894 Opera House. She was gracious enough to offer me both tickets to the show and a chance to meet them.

However, I had a little problem: most of my friends do not know who Wilson Phillips is unless you mention Bridesmaids. One of those friends, Kelsey, actually went with me. She got a big fat history lesson on who the band is as well as who the Beach Boys and the Mamas and the Papas are…….all set to the music of Wilson Phillips. Most of their music she was hearing for the very first time – from “Hold On” right up to “It’s Only Life.”

Then we arrived and the show started.


Hold On (Wilson Phillips song)

Hold On (Wilson Phillips song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)