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If you know me well, you know that I love Amy Grant. Through the years, I have taken some flack about this, but as I always say “screw you” if you insult my tastes in music and film. To me, she is what every christian artist should aspire to: gaining mainstream attention without compromising yourself. Among some conservative christian circles, she’s also rather controversial because she not only went mainstream but also got a divorce from fellow christian artist, Gary Chapman, and married country artist Vince Gill.


Well, I am here to say that it has happened once again: Amy Grant came to town, this time as a surprise guest at the KSBJ 30th anniversary concert, and I missed it. The last time I saw her was n 2008 when she came on her Lead Me On 20th Anniversary tour. Since then, she seems to skip Houston unless its some fancy gala with tickets at $300 a head.


This is the 2nd time I have given up meeting her. The first time has a good story behind it: I was slated to cover her show for UH newspaper, The Daily Cougar and I had balcony seats for me and 2 friends – one of which was going to her first show ever in the US. (she is from Hong Kong) Anyways, so I had to give up my tickets because they [her management] gave us approval with only a weeks notice and I had already gotten tickets. So I gave my floor seats to my dad and we enjoy the show tremendously.


It wasn’t until 3 days after that we discovered a slip of paper inside the ticket envelope saying “come meet the band after the show.” In essence, I gave up my dream of meeting one of the greatest christian artists of all time. In the words of Absolutely Fabulous‘s Patsy Stone I thought “I’m not happy!”


Then there was this time. They had tickets available where you could meet the artists, but did I buy them? No. Did I even go to said concert? No. Did she any of my record copies of her self-titled debut album (recorded at the mere age of 17), Father’s Eyes, Age to Age or Unguarded? No.

Lead Me On (Amy Grant album)

Lead Me On (Amy Grant album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Oh well.



Ahhhhh LeAnn Rimes before she was, well, not tabloid fodder. The 90’s version of Taylor Swift. Either way, she was very big in the world of the Wild Heart when she was only 11-13.

Her debut album, Blue, was one of the first nonChristian cds (next to Read My Mind by Reba McEntire) I got. However, I was a bit of a late-bloomer: it seemed like everyone else in Texas had discovered her including my aunt, who’s an avid country radio person. (Trust me she listened to FM 100.3 KILT, 93Q Country, etc. all the time back then)

This was my favorite song off her debut album from 1996. Now I look back at it and, even though it is a fun song, consider this: she was only 13 when she made the video. Sorry LeAnn but you were waaaay too young to be “drinkin’ champaign” at that age. Texas and pretty much every other law back then in the US in regards to drinking require you to be 21. You are also too young to be going around San Francisco like that. My mom would have NEVER stood for that – she freaked when I was left alone at a NEWSBOYS (note Newsboys are a Christian band!) concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion when I was 12! I can see her side of that because I have since seen 2 friends endure drugs and alcohol issues: one survived but went through rehab and a shotgun marriage. The other one, well, she crashed her car into a tree and died.

Sadly my parents never shared my enthusiasm for country music back then. Therefore going to the rodeo every year in Houston was completely out of the question. I won’t lie – that hurt because everyone else in my class, church, or Girl Scout troop went. I wanted to go. Maybe my dad was mad because they stopped having KSBJ day at the rodeo – the local Christian station. Either way he would always tell me because he thought everyone there was a “fake cowboy.” (And he isn’t when he wears boots everywhere?)

But that all changed in 04 when Amy Grant came with her husband, Vince Gill. I wanted that as my birthday present when I turned 18 and my parents and I, along with my school friend Dorianne went. We had a ball. I’ve since gone sans my parents to see Gretchen Wilson (Twice! One time being at a bar too!) and last year I saw Janet Jackson.