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I think I maybe in love with this show. I mean, a) who goes insane like Rick does for the Human League? I had a boss once who considered the Cars to be the greatest rock band of all time – but he was an evil, annoying jerk who wasn’t as funny as Rick. Finally, b) who dances to the Human League like that? Funny!!!

Word to the guys reading: if you see a tampon, which usually looks like what Rick holds in the clip, please don’t play with it. Better yet, just leave it alone because you’ll make yourself look straight-up creepy.


Ahhh the Human League! Best-known as the possible favorite band of the tantrum-throwing-anarchist Rick from the classic hit BBC series The Young Ones.

One of the best songs by the Human League was (Keep Feeling) Fascination. However it’s b-side, Total Panic is a pretty good early cut of what ended up being Don’t You Know I Want You. I must say that this early instrumental cut is actually BETTER than what it ended up being. Don’t You Know I Want You is a rather bland but not Total Panic. Total Panic gives a sense of electronic chaos, which works well for the cut.

However it does make you wonder why they did not use this mix instead.