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FLEETWOOD MAC on March 3, 2009 in St. Paul, MN...

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Fleetwood Mac Set for 2012 Reunion – Spinner.

Well, the “rumours” are true. That’s right! The legendary Fleetwood Mac will once again hit the road and entertain us all.

Now though the Wild Heart absolutely loves the band the way it is, I think it would be really special if, say, for a few shows, former keyboardist Christine McVie returns – even if it was just for a show in England, where she currently resides.They could then tape the show and call it “Fleetwood Mac: the final dance.” Let’s face it, they aren’t getting any younger and are pretty close (if not already) at the US average retirement age.

Also, it would be nice to hear some of McVie’s songs as well such as Hold MeEverywhere, Songbird, and Love In Store.


Fleetwood Mac is one of the great blues, pop/rock bands that spawned the successful solo careers of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie

Happy Birthday!

Nicks. However, there is one rather underrated vocalist/keyboardist that almost never gets the attention that she deserves. I am speaking of Christine McVie. Since it is her birthday, I figured we would celebrate and countdown what the Wild Heart thinks are the 10 greatest songs she has written with Fleetwood Mac.

  1. Isn’t It Midnight. Christine, overall, wasn’t considered the rocker chick of the band. That was Stevie’s job. However, she proves on this song, which hit #14 on the US rock charts, that she can rock as hard as Lindsey and Stevie.
  2. Only Over You. Christine was definitely the balladeer of Fleetwood Mac. Even during some of the worst times of her love life she wrote some of the greatest love songs. According to the linear notes of Mirage, this was inspired by her then-boyfriend, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson.
  3. Songbird. Like I said earlier, Christine is the balladeer of Fleetwood Mac. This heartfelt ballad however, was viewed as somewhat of a promise that things would be okay amongst them during the tumultuous relationships that were disintegrating during the recording of Rumours. Even her ex-husband, fellow band member John McVie, said on their Classic Albums episode that this song would bring tears to his eyes everytime she would sing this song at the end of their shows.
  4. Hold Me. This was another song that was, according to some, written for Dennis Wilson, McVie’s then-boyfriend. Sadly he drowned while trying to recover stuff he threw into the ocean in California over a year after this song was released.
  5. Little Lies. Written with her then-husband Eddy Quintela, this song was covered by American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.
  6. Everywhere. This popular song from both 1987’s Tango In the Night and 1997’s live album The Dance. It was covered by Vampire Weekend in 2008.
  7. You Make Lovin’ Fun. Perhaps one of the most recognizable tracks of McVie’s career, it was actually about the man that she was having an affair with, Fleetwood Mac’s lighting director, during her tumultuous relationship with Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie. This happened during the making of the ever-popular Rumours album.
  8. One More Night. Christine has an amazing voice. What can I say? However, this is a brief return to the roots of Fleetwood Mac before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined – when it was a British blues band.
  9. Love In Store. From 1982’s Mirage album.

Glee has nailed it when it comes to the personification of Fleetwood Mac and their ever-popular Rumours album. All the infighting, breakups – which really made the band great.

So here is a recap of the best of what happened last night:

Overall it did the album justice, but there was a bit that was left out

The ever dumb Brittany now has her own web show called “Fondue For Two” where she invites guests, or in this case Tina Cohen-Chang and Mercedes Jones to eat fondue and do what people like her do best: gossip. She reveals that Santana is a lesbian by saying she “plays for the other team.”

However, Sue Sylvester gets quite a bit of airtime this time – something that the Wild Heart absolutely loves! Her outrageous disguises ranging from David Bowie to conservative commentator Ann Coulter within one take, are nothing short of classic.

But the special appearance by Kristen Chenoweth as April did not seem to fit. Her performance of Dreams does not even begin to touch the original by Stevie Nicks. It seemed overall fake. However, this is quickly kicked out of the ballpark by Artie’s performance of Never Going Back Again – albeit with a chorus of acoustic guitars. The performance of the songs of Rumours is made even better by Rachel’s performance of Go Your Own Way. It almost makes you think that during the original album, either Stevie Nicks or Christine McVie should have sang the lead vocals – not Lindsey Buckingham.

Overall B+ because it was still rather funny.

It’s not a “rumour” anymore folks! The hit television series Glee will be airing an entire episode devoted to one of the greatest rock albums of all time: Rumours by

The "Rumours" episode will air on May 3rd on FOX with guest star Kristen Chenoweth

Fleetwood Mac.

Here is some SPOILERS and hopes that the wildheart has about this episode:

  • A duet between Will and Emma where they sing You Make Lovin’ Fun: Though I don’t know if this will happen, I really would like to see it. Ever since the show started, they have been dancing around the fact that they love each other. Heck, they loved each other when they were with other people. That is what the original author basically wrote it as: keyboard player Christine McVie was secretly dating a member of the bands road crew while still in a terrible relationship with Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie. To me this would be alot like that scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed episode where Emma sings Touch A Touch A Touch Me to Will Schuster. 
  • More Sue-scheming! Let’s be honest – Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) shines whenever she is plotting against the glee club. I can just see her doing something extremely evil this time – more than the time she tried shoot Brittany out of a cannon!
  • Rachel singing Dreams. Dreams, on its own, is a beautiful song. I think that the only character that can pull off such a beautiful song is Rachel. It matches her voice very well.
  • The Warblers and New Directions sing The Chain: Though they are rivals, it is time that they unite in song.
  • A cameo by Fleetwood Mac – all members from the Buckingham-Nicks era: Though this maybe next to impossible because Christine McVie is in retirement somewhere in England, it would send the ratings through the roof. They have not been together at least publicly since the bestselling live album The Dance.