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If you know the Wild Heartwell, it’s a widely-known thing that I LOVE Seinfeld. However, there is one particular episode

Happy Festivus from the Wild Heart

that strikes my fancy: The Strike. This one is perhaps best-known as The Festivus.

With that said, I present to you the Wild Heart’s celebration of Festivus. HAPPY FESTIVUS! LET’S RUMBLE!

Airing of Grievances:

The airing of grievances gathers everyone you know and you tell them how they have wronged you in the past year.

  • Heart – you come to Houston AGAIN and every time you do, you jack up your ticket prices. As a fan, I find this completely appalling. I haven’t seen your act since 2008’s Human Tour when I was in college. Between then and now, the economy went to hell and now this jobless college grad cannot afford to go to your concerts. Please lower your ticket prices!!
  • Amy Grant – Your “2 Friends Tour” COMPLETELY avoided coming to Houston. I really wanted to see you live again and performing all your old hits, as well as Michael W. Smith. So I suggest that you stop snubbing Houston, and come to some place like the Berry Center, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion, or even the House of Blues. Otherwise I am done listening to your music!
  • KTRU – I go in for an interview twice with you dumbass hipsters and you refuse to hire me twice! You act all anti-record industry yet what do I see when I walk into your studios but a big white banner that says “TOM WAITS FOR NO ONE!” Guess what? He was signed to Asylum and Island Records – both are major labels. He’s currently signed to Anti records, the US distributor to Kate Bush. Hate to break it to you but that’s a major label too. Yet somehow you don’t like me because I tell you the artists I am currently loving are Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush. You are nothing but hypocrites. Thanks for crushing my on-air dreams.Oh and one more thing, since you are based at Rice University: GO COOGS!
  • Stevie Nicks – Why did you have to snub Houston for the “Heart and Soul” tour? I wanted to see you perform that duet of Young Turks with Rod Stewart Not cool! But thanks for coming for the “In Your Dreams” tour. That was amazing!
  • White Stripes, Rilo Kiley, & R.E.M – Why did you all break up? We need you to save us from the clutches of the evils of bad music such as Lady GaGa & Katy Perry!
  • Ke$ha – I couldn’t help but notice that your song “C U Next Tuesday” is an acronym for “cunt.” As a college educated woman who took at least 9 hours of womens studies classes, I find this VERY offensive. Just because a guy calls you that doesn’t mean that it is okay. It’s degrading a female to a mere body part and nothing more. Take a freaking lesson from the women’s lib movement from the 70’s Ke$sha!
  • The Ton Tons – How come you never got back to me about covering you guys?
  • Nameless haters of that know who they are – What the hell gives you the right to take shots at the Wild Heart? BTW keep up the hatin’ because people like you only make people like me stronger! To quote Pat Benatar: “Knock me down it’s all in vain. I get right back up on my feet again! Hit me with your best shot!” It’s never cool to make fun of someone’s album collection. Vinyl is cooler, better sounding as far as decibels go, but you are a clueless jerk who only cares about making other peoples lives miserable.

And now for the toasts of 2011

  • All of the local bands that I have covered this year – Nightbird – Stevie Nicks Tribute, Spare Parts, Spare Heart – Heart Tribute, August 83, Kozmic Pearl – Janis Joplin Tribute, Love It To Death – Alice Cooper Tribute, and BlackRozeHouston. I have loved every minute of covering you guys. Houston’s music scene is like a hidden gem of musical talent. All of y’all keep up the good work and I think you will go far! Special thanks to John Hill and Jennifer Nguyen for giving me this idea.
  • Glee – One of the best things that you do, aside from the funny storylines with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison, is that you introduce classic rock numbers to a new generation. You did this well with last season’s salute to Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. No thanks to the show, a new generation got to hear snippets about the emotional drama that went on behind the scenes but also hear the songs themselves as performed by the cast. I want an encore! However can that encore be with something by Yes or Styx?
  • Stevie Nicks – Your new album, In Your Dreams, is AMAZING! It reminds me of your old 80’s albums like The Wild Heart, Bella Donna, and The Other Side of the Mirror. Also, your In Your Dreams tour was pretty magical – least your concert in Houston was. (Never have I been to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion where a concert was done in 103+ degree heat under a big full moon. Even better, your merchandise wasn’t too expensive and my mom liked the keychain I got her.
  • Lindsey Buckingham – I won tickets to your concert at Cactus Records. Though I am unfamiliar with your solo work, I must say you were pretty amazing at the Verizon Wireless Theater. Also, I must give you mad props for performing my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, Tusk.
  • Cactus and Black Records – Without you lovely people, I would not have been able to cover 2 major shows (Lindsey Buckingham and Lost 80’s Night at StereoLive with Animotion, When In Rome, and A Flock of Seagulls), survived a bad day at work, and helping me to climb the ladder of success with blogging.

The air was cool and crisp. The crowd was enthusiastic and receptive at the Concert Pub & Grill last Saturday night on Richmond Ave in Houston, TX as bands Nightbird – Stevie Nicks Tribute took the stage for a benefit for the MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital.

Nightbird opened the evening with the Rumours-era classic The Chain. However, the magic started when lead singer Brooke Alyson launched into an enchanting version of Dreams followed by the equally enchanting Silver Springs. Silver Springs was originally slated for thehe Rumours album. However, due to the time allotted on the LP, the song didn’t make the cut. Over time though, it has had a second life in the form of the track’s presence on the Fleetwood Mac reunion album, 1997’s The Danceas well as the 2001 and 2001 remastered re-releases.

One of the highlights of the evening was lead guitarist’s Adam Walton’s interpretation of I’m So Afraid. It sounds hauntingly great as the version heard on The Dance. Walton’s vocals well capture the fear of the song, which makes it a classic.

Alyson mysteriously disappeared offstage for a bit as the band played on but then reappeared in true Stevie-style for the megahit Stand Back. Alyson shines brightly in her portrayal of the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman.

Nightbird’s faithfulness to the music of Fleetwood Mac shines on their rendition of Tusk, where drummer Jason Phillips gave a searing drum solo. Though they did not have a marching band at their disposal, keyboardist Kelli Thompson showed off her technical expertise of her instrument very nicely on the resounding chorus “don’t say that you love me/just tell me that you want me/ TUSK!”

The band also shows their expert knowledge of Ms. Nicks’ vast musical catalogue when they pulled out a deep track from 1979’s Tusk album called Sisters of the Moon, where bassist Wolff DeLong and drummer Jason Phillips bring out the mystic of the song.

Nightbird’s set came to a beautiful end with their rendition of Rhiannon. Keyboardist Kelli Thompson opened the song with a beautiful piano intro, coupled with the ever-familiar “Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and wouldn’t you love to love her.” If, like Ms. Nicks, Nightbird wanted to “leave the audience with a kiss” (as Nicks herself said during the encore of her last show in Houston), they left the audience with one enchanting kiss.

 I must admit: I absolutely love FOX’s hit television show Glee. The Wild Heart is well-aware that, yes, some of the singers need a little “help” in the form of autotune and some of the themed episodes (such as the Britney Spears tribute episode “Brittany/Britney”) are a bit vapid. However, one of the best things about Glee is that the show is introducing classic rock and pop songs  to a brand new generation as well as current hit songs. It’s also getting this new generation excited about performing once again.

Glee uses both classic and current pop/rock to tell the story of the teenagers that perform with the New Directions glee club at Mckinley Highschool. Some of these performances can be breathtakingly great, such as their performance of New York by Alicia Keys. Some can be funny, such as Finn and Quinn’s impending birth announcement to Quinn’s parents by using the Paul Anka classic Having My Baby  – which of course gets Quinn kicked out of her parent’s house. Others can be rather touching, such as Puck’s performance of Waiting For A Girl by Foreigner to his two-year-old daughter.

Since the show hit the airwaves in 2009, not only have some artists seen both a sales resurgance and renewed interest into their music (such as Fleetwood Mac, who saw a 1,951 % increase in record sales for their landmark 1977 release Rumours) Other artists such as Britney Spears also saw a spike in record sales too.

However, artists such as Slash (of Guns & Roses fame) and the Kings of Leon have laid down the law and said “no” when it comes to using their music. I think that these artists are failing to see that teenagers and other audiences can rediscover their music. By these artists doing this, they are denying this discovery.

Additionally, Glee is inspiring kids to make music once again. When I was in highschool, it was the ‘uncool’ thing to be in the choir or glee club (mine wouldn’t let me in, just so you know). Now, enrollment in such activities has doubled. Additinally, applications to arts colleges have seen a spike too.

One thing, however, that I would like to see with the show is this: have them release an album that contains the original recordings of the songs that are performed each season. Don’t get me wrong: it’s okay that they release their album of songs as featured and sung on the show. But I think this would be a better way to introduce some of the older music and newer music to a new generation. Also, as a viewer I would like to see more guest spots of the artists that you cover. For example: when one of the characters covered the Fleetwood Mac classic Landslide, Stevie Nicks paid a personal visit to the cast. Why not try to writer her into the actual episode – like she could be Puck’s mother or whatnot. Same goes for the members of Van Halen – whose song Hot For Teacher was recently covered on the show. Perhaps a cameo from Eddie Van Halen would be just fine.


The Glee Effect 

More on how Glee has turned the music industry inside out 

The crowd was silvery-haired, young and old, but that did not stop them from rocking out to “An Evening with Lindsey Buckingham” Sunday night at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, TX.

The Fleetwood Mac guitarist opened the night with Shut Us Down from Buckingham’s 2006 release Under the Skin – a nice subtle opener minus the bells and whistles of his backup band. Buckingham then quietly launched into his 1984 hit Go Insane. Go Insane, stylistically-speaking,  is an almost-homage to his music he made in 1973 with then-girlfriend Stevie Nicks on their album Buckingham Nicks.

Lindsey is like the antihero rockstar. He’s an underrated but nevertheless extremely gifted guitar player, vocalist and songwriter. He proved this when he launched into the Fleetwood Mac classic Never Going Back Again from the ever-popular Fleetwood Mac classic album Rumours. Buckingham sings with such beauty and emotion it’s almost like he cries through the song. This has the audience eating out of his hands.

Buckingham lamented during the night about how, as a child, he learned how to play the guitar by listening to his older brothers’ record collections.

The true highlight of the evening was when Buckingham started performing an acoustic version of the 1987 mega-hit Big Love. However, before launching into the performance, he explained the meaning of the song: that it has become an echo to him because it was where he was in life during the writing and making of the song.

However, the evening really took off when Buckingham’s backup band took the stage for such songs as In Our Own Time and Illumination. Everyone in the audience loved Buckingham’s rendition of Tusk and even chanted along to the ever-popular chorus.

Buckingham ended the night with 2 encore performances:a high energy performance of Treason from his 2008 solo effort Gift of Screws and the title track of his latest album Seeds We Sow. The latter was like a message of hope.

Very few albums, or artists for that matter, have served as a soundtrack to a generation. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours does exactly that. It’s still is a relevant album because it explores in a voyeuristic way, the personal turmoil amongst the band members during the recording of the album. The mix of personal turmoil amongst the band, though it nearly cost them their sanity and was fueled by lots and lots of drugs, make this a beautiful masterpiece.

Best of all, it is easy to relate to lyrically due to its content –  which includes jabs at other band members, all of whom were experiencing romantic turmoil: bassist John McVie and his wife Christine’s marriage was in shambles as was the romantic relationship between singer Stevie Nicks and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. Additionally, Nicks and drummer Mick Fleetwood (who was married at the time) were having an affair.

Songs like Don’t Stop and Songbird which are nothing short of an offer of hope both personally and for the band itself. Perhaps they were thinking in they lyric from The Chain: “I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain.” It is one of the few songs that is written by the ENTIRE band and it is a gem.

Also, one of the other great things is the actual skill of the musicians. One of the best sounding tracks on the album is You Make Lovin’ Fun. Lead vocalist [for this track] and keyboard player Christine McVie is remarkable on all accounts. However, all of the lyrical greatness and great sound come together on Gold Dust Woman – which is both a metaphor for drugs and quite possibly the ending of the relationship of the songs author, Stevie Nicks, and then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham.

For those of you that saw last week’s episode of Glee, this is an album worth buying due to the fact that it is great musicianship under fire, something that happens to us all. It is very relatable if you have ever endured a never-ending breakup. That is what makes this album one of the greatest albums.

Also be sure to check out the special Classic Albums that VH1 Classic and the BBC documentary they did on Rumours, where they go into both the technicality of making the album as well as what the songs are about – including stories and interviews with band members and album personnel.

Fleetwood Mac Birmingham NIA 3

Image by ahisgett via Flickr

Former George Harrison and Eric Clapton Muse Pattie Boyd Spills the Beans | Music News | Rolling Stone.

Let’s see. Which rock soap opera is more jucier: Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham vs. Stevie Nicks vs. Mick Fleetwood or The Beatles George Harrison vs The Yardbird’s Eric Clapton vs. Patti Boyd? Let’s do a comparison:

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham vs. Stevie Nicks vs. Mick Fleetwood 

  • Stevie has an affair with drummer Mick Fleetwood, but he ends it because he falls in love, marries and later divorces her best friend Sara Recor. This serves as the inspiration for Fleetwood Mac classic Sara and quite possibly its baby sister Welcome to the Room…..Sara from 1987’s Tango In The Night. 
  • Stevie previously dated guitarist Lindsey Buckingham right up until sometime during the Rumours tour. A good 1/3rd of that album consists of songs that are jabs at each other including I Don’t Wanna Know and the ever-popular Go Your Own Way.
  • Life In the Fast Lane by the Eagles is rumored to be about the relationship between Buckingham and Nicks.
The Beatles George Harrison vs The Yardbird’s Eric Clapton vs. Patti Boyd
  • Clapton tries to steal Harrison’s wife in song – what a bully!
  • No knowledge as to if Harrison tries to actually fight back for her. I would say if you really love her, you will fight and do whatever it takes for her.
It’s a draw on this one folks

It’s no secret that the Wild Heart is a fan of the hit FOX tv show, Glee. It has 2 things this Wild Heart loves: music and comedy. Not to mention it’s introducing classic pop and rock songs to a new generation and Jane Lynch is insanely funny as Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester.

Glee returns with its third season on Tuesday, September 20 on Fox.

Last season was pretty amazing with the casting of Gwyneth Paltrow as the sex ed teacher, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the shocking (yet still excellent) season finale, and the Fleetwood Mac Rumours -themed episode.This leaves the Wild Heart with much hope for the upc0ming season.

First of all, one of the big things that I would like to see is Will Schuster (Matthew Morrison) and Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) have a relationship. They have danced around it for far too long – from the time they almost had sex to Emma’s rendition of Touch-a Touch-a Me in the Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed episode. I would love to see them perform a duet together on Valentines day. More specifically Next Time I Fall by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant.

Secondly, one of the funniest things that was ever introduced to the show “Fondue For Two” with Brittany Pierce – where the online show revolves around school gossip and dipping random edible things into fondue such as raw meat and giant marshmallows. This was absolutely hilarious.

Finally, the Wild Heart would like to see more themed episodes. This is not only good for the show and the public who watches it (they learn about new music), but it is also good promotion for the artist. When the writers decided to do an entire episode based around the Fleetwood Mac 1977 classic album Rumours, the album once again entered the charts in other countries and renewed interest in the band. Some of the artists thatI’d suggest they cover are Pat Benatar, Heart, the Beatles, Duran Duran, Blondie, and Linda Eder.