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Madonna is one of those artists that can do everything and do it well: sing, dance, and act – though that remains rather questionable. Howevever, every artist must grow up eventually and prove to both audience and peers that they are great. Madonna does this in her own unique way with her 1989 release, Like A Prayer.

Like A Prayer unveils a new persona of Madonna: the grownup. With the release of this album, not only does her own voice seem to mature – but also the overall production and lyrical content. On the title song. Madge explores religious elements in both lyric and production. She uses a backup choir and the lyrics are both a double entendre for prayers to God and sex.

In fact, this song wasn’t without controversy. The video for Like A Prayer stirred up quite a bit of controversy among Christiansdue to its exploitation of burning crosses and Madonna having sex with a saint in a church. Pepsi used the song for a commercial

Cover of "Like a Prayer"

The cover of the album is a direct homage to "Sticky Fingers" by the Rolling Stones

starring Madonna and ended up pulling the commercial altogether after only a few airings.

One of the best things about this album is the production quality. For this album, Madonna chose the production team of Stephen Bray and Patrick Leonard. Leonard previously had worked with Madge on some of her best known hits such as La Isla BonitaWhere’s The Party, and Who’s That Girl. Bray was previously a member of her old band, Emmy and the Emmys. The instrumentation on such songs as Till Death Do Us Part, Cherish, and Keep It Together are all amazing.

Lyrically, Madge also grows up. Promise To Try feels like a letter to a 5-year-old Madonna from the adult Madonna. It is quite possibly about the death of her own mother, who died of cancer at the age of 30. Madge herself has said that this fact – her mother dying at such a young age, was on her mind along with her divorce from actor Sean Penn. These 2 factors influenced the recording of this album.

Overall, this is Madonna at the height of her career. It’s one of her best and definetly worth a listen.


Nearly 27 years ago, a mother listened to her daughter’s copy Prince’s Purple Rain and came across the song Darling Nikki and heard the lyrics which talk about sex. This mother, Tipper Gore, was upset at what she heard. So, being the wife of US Senator and future Vice President Al Gore (D-TN), she teamed up with the other politicians wives to form the Parental Music Resource Center.

The PMRC is essentially a censorship watchdog group hopped up on a great deal of power that seeks to censor music.

However, one must wonder if it is a violation of our 1st Amendment Rights? It is because it is a double-edged sword. What maybe objectionable to one person may not be objectionable to another. Take for example the song 666 by Christian rockers DeGarmo and Key.It was banned due to violent content, even though Mtv has aired equally violent or more violent videos at the time that the song came out. Actually, it’s not that violent when say, compared to other music videos such as Be Chrool To Your Scuel by Twisted Sister or even the Michael Jackson classic epic Thriller. But perhaps it could be because of DeGarmo and Key’s strong Christian lyrics. We will never know.

Additionally, lyrical meaning can be misinterpreted. This always seemed to plague early rockers such as the Beatles – whose song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. The song was about a painting John Lennon’s son brought home from school. Everyone else thought it was about drugs because the song spells out the acronym “LSD.”

Also, is it needed nowadays with digital downloading and youtube? Instead of your parents putting down the gauntlet saying “you can’t listen to country music or other nonchristian music” when they themselves have a sizable record collection consisting of nothing but the Who, Pink Floyd, Heart, the Doors, Bad Company, etc. Now, if a child wants to listen to something the parent considers objectionable, they can always do one of these things:

  • Go to YouTube and watch a performance of the objectionable song. This is perhaps the easiest way for them to do this. If you have internet filters at your house, who is to say they don’t watch it at school, their smartphone (if it doesn’t have filters), a friend’s smartphone?
  • Internet radio. They can look up the objectionable song or artist by getting an account with Grooveshark,, or even Pandora.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

With that said, I think that it should be up to the parent, not the government, to allow the child to listen to whatever music. Because free speech is subjective. Now for me, if stuff like Katy Perry and Lady GaGa are still popular when I have children, I won’t let my children listen to them. But I will train them in right and wrong.

George Strait, at the San Antonio Stock Show &...

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And The Top 25 Tours Of 2011 (So Far) Are… |

I wouldn’t put the Kings of Leon on there because the rest of their summer tour because the lead singer needs to check into Betty Ford.

Now the mere idea of George Strait and Reba touring together, as a native Texan and semi-lover of country music (something in the water here I swear!) – that would be strait-up country legend bliss. I am surprised they didn’t make a stop in good ol’ Houston, TX yet since both haven’t been around the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo lately. (For the record, if you ever come down to TX sometime in February or March, make sure you go to this because this is the most UNIQUE rodeo you will ever go to music wise – I saw Janet Jackson last year at the rodeo)

According to some quack preacher, we’ll all be raptured come 6pm in whatever time zone you are in and 6 months later, the end of the world shall happen. So I thought it would be a fun idea to post some of the best rapture-related songs.

Let’s Go Crazy by Prince

Prince is one of those types that could quite possibly lead a revolution in song.

Rapture by Blondie

It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine) by R.E.M