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Houston Skyline

Imagine for a moment a musical saturday night in Houston: there’s a highschool senior that is a trumpet player. He and his friends, also brass players, decide to go out and play for tips and maybe sit in at a local jazz bar. Meanwhile, a garage band nearby is also warming up – after all they have their first gig in a few weeks, so they must practice. In a nearby bar, a more seasoned rock rock band plays on. Meanwhile, a police officer is on patrol. As he and his partner are patrolling the neighborhoods, he hears all this various kinds of music. The cop has had a bad night with keeping the city safe. He hears the music outside the bar booming. He is not a fan of this genre. So what does he do? He pulls over, goes into the club and fines both the owner and band with a whopping $2000. The cop completely ignores the other bands that are playing nearby – including the brass band who has decided to not only get drunk but also play their musical instruments outside – but they are ignored by the cop.

This is what could happen if the police enforce this new city ordinance that will allow them to hand out tickets to anyone within a residential area or commercial area that goes over the new decibel limit: 65 decibels. According to the Houston Press Rocks Off blog, the police now do not need a sound meter to test the decibel limit – making it subjective according to what the officer sees.

This ordinance impedes on small businesses. I liken this to public intoxication and DUI’s: it’s unlawful for a cop to catch someone for suspicion of public intoxication or a DUI without giving them a blood test or a breathilizer. Why is it okay then for a cop to fine someone for suspicion of breaking the decibel ordinance without hard evidence?

Also, I have another question in regards to the claim made in the Houston Chronicle about the city not having enough money to even get the sound meters to test the decibel level at these venues – then tell me this Ms. Mayor, why the hell are you even bothering with this issue? 

Ms. Parker, this is like a cheap shot at the Houston music and bar scene. In a recession like this, we do not need to be shooting ourselves in the foot and putting more regulations upon businesses. Also, you are spitting on the legacies of some of the greatest musicians that got their start in Houston: R&B superstar Beyonce, country singer Lyle Lovett, contemporary christian artist Susan Ashton, rockers ZZ Top, and plenty more.

If you as a citizen want to have your opinion heard there will be a town hall meeting at Fitzgeralds on Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm. Fitzgeralds is located at 2706 White Oak Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77098.


You have to hand it to Styx, they are pretty bold and brash when it comes to politics for an art-rock band. On their concept 1983 release Kilroy Was Here, they don’t hold back on their anti-censorship stance.

Kilroy was Here follows the story of a former rock star, Kilroy (lead singer Dennis De Young), living in prison in a future where rock n’ roll is illegal due to the the hands of of the MMM (Majority for Musical Morality) and a fascist government. The album picks up in the future where robots manufactured in Japan, called Mr. Robotos, work nonstop in jobs once held by humans. In addition to this bleak future, there are the ever-present anti-rock music rallies where citizens literally burn guitars, records, and other rock paraphernalia.

However there is a rebel leader, Jonathan Chance (Tommy Shaw), who wants to bring back rock music. The album follows both Chance and Kilroy’s attempts to prove Kilroy’s innocence as well as break up the MMM.

Kilroy Was Here is a clear stab at the then-prevalent Moral Majority and Tipper Gore‘s Parental Music Resource Center – better known as the PMRC.  This is due in part to Christian fundamentalists branding their song Snowblind as “satanic.”

The album itself is a great album both musically and, for the most part, lyrically. On almost every single the synthesizer reflects the eerie time that this world could come to if such a power akin to the MMM were to be in power.

Overall I would highly recommend this album if you are a big musical fan, but otherwise forget it.

However, it is still entertaining to watch.

One artist that the Wild Heart has come to have a strong love for lately is the Who. They are, and always will be, the quintessential showmen of rock & roll with their onstage personas.

The Who is one of those artists that are perhaps better live than their recordings. They prove this on their 1971 release Who’s

Cover of "Who's Next (Deluxe Edition)"

The Who mix the old with the new on "Who's Next"

Next. The best thing about this album is its usage of synthesizers on such songs as Baba O’Riley where lead singer Roger Daltry leads the rallying cry “we’re all wasted!” with gusto. It makes the listener want to get up and do their best windmill air guitar. Baba O’Riley is only made better by the roaring violin that seems to dominate the track. It is nothing short of beautiful.

Though some tracks, such as Love Ain’t For Keeping and My Wife sound like their classic 60’s songs like I Can See For Miles, this album was clearly a signal that the band was taking a step in a new musical direction. However, on Won’t Get Fooled Again, those two musical worlds are meshed together.

Either way, it is a beautiful marriage of the musical style that made the Who popular in the first place with what is to come.

Marianne Faithfull Live in Istanbul Uğur Bektaş

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Jim Morrison’s Death May Be Reinvestigated | Music News | Rolling Stone.

I think that Marianne Faithfull maybe hiding something if she is keeping a secret for THIS long!

GUNS n roses ICON

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So according to many sources including Ticketmaster, Guns & Roses are going back on tour. Now the question remains: will Axel actually show up to the shows? Also, will a riot happen?

Axel and friends usually have had nothing but fun and games. Riots, coming after fans taping the show, rants by Axel himself, fans fighting the photographer and Axel jumps in, Axel yelling SHOVE IT at random protesters (if there are any), and many more things. Basically its like a night with Courtney Love, but with more violence and destruction.

If I ever went to a Guns & Roses concert, well one can only imagine what kind of tweets/facebook posts I would be writing – let alone the comments. I think they would go like this:

Axel please don’t throw that human on me!

Did I just steal a Delorean and go back to Woodstock 99? Nope, I’m somehow in the middle of a riot. Thanx Axel!

Who concert 1979. G&R 2011. Same thing only the lead singer is a douchebag. I like Roger.



The wild heart needs to get OUT of the jungle!

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See what I mean wild heart lovers?

Would you go to see Guns & Roses? Take the poll and let the Wild Heart know!

Van Halen at their last ever show, in Québec c...

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Van Halen Working On New Album With David Lee Roth | Rolling Stone Music.

OMG! This would be amazing! I know David Lee Roth can sometimes be a bit of a man-diva, but let’s face it, with the wave of classic rock artists like Heart, Stevie Nicks, and Def Leppard releasing albums of new material, I would predict that this album or at least the tour would go far and sell well.

Amy Winehouse in 2007.

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Musicians Respond to Amy Winehouse’s Death | Rolling Stone Music.

My heart and prayers go out to the Winehouse family as they are suffering quite terribly at this time.