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Rock music’s Gold Dust Woman, Stevie Nicks, returns with Live In Chicago,

her first live video since 1987’s Live at Red Rocks. This is a concert dvd that

is sure to please Nicks fans old and new.

Nicks surely knows how to entertain an audience. Instead of this being a standard concert dvd, Nicks makes it an experience for concert-goers and viewers alike – complete with stories about what inspired such hits as If Anyone Falls and Landslide. She opens the concert with the ever-popular Stand Back from her 1983 hit album The Wild Heart. On the ever-popular Fleetwood Mac hit Rhiannon, Nicks re-emerges dressed in a black top-hat, black gloves, and a black skirt – thus becoming Rhiannon. She does this transformation again on Gold Dust Woman, which makes the concert more enchanting and brings it to a new level of greatness.

One of the most entertaining stories that Nicks shares is about the time she wrote a song during the recording of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album in 1977 in Sausalito, CA. There was a time when she was not needed in the studio. A person in the studio gave her a key to Sly Stone‘s (of Sly and the Family Stone) studio. While there, she wrote what would be Dreams.

Stevie shows her true rock side when she exclaims that “this is my most angriest song” albeit with a little love and breaks into Fall From Grace from her 2001 release Trouble in  Shangri-La.

However, one of the more weaker moments is when she invites Vanessa Carlton to sing The One and Circle Dance. Though Nicks is a rocker, Carlton is a soft rocker. She has no point in being there.

Overall, it is a great dvd that celebrates the many hit songs spanning Nicks’ 3-decade long career. Perhaps the dvd’s title should have been titled “An Enchanting Evening with Stevie Nicks in Chicago” because it is one enchanting experience.


Rock music’s gold dust woman makes a huge splash with her 1983 release, The Wild Heart.

Rocker and Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks shows off her best vocals on her 1983 release "The Wild Heart."

Stevie Nicks is known for having a lush, deep, contra-alto voice. Nicks’ beautiful voice truly shines on such tracks as synthesizer-driven If Anyone Falls. The track only gets better on the chorus, when Nicks is joined by her two backup singers which include die-hard fan favorite band member Lori Perry- Nicks.

However, the best track on this album is the ever-popular Stand Back. Since the album’s release, it has become a staple at both Nicks’ solo shows and Fleetwood Mac concerts. It shows Nicks at her best – complete with vocal prowess.

Nicks also shows what a great songwriter she is on Nothing Ever Changes in which Nicks exclaims “Come back…little boy/ baby come back…yeah…little boy/ Ooh…it’s just me that lies waiting/ Well it could come from anywhere/ oooh it could come straight straight from my heart/ nothing can be saved here.”

The one weakness of this album though is the end trackBeauty and the Beast. To anyone who was born AFTER 1983, do not let this title fool you because it is not inspired by or even talking about the 1992 Disney classic of the same title. She is speaking about the silent film of the same title. It just sounds too slow tempo-wise and doesn’t fit in with the overall album.

Overall the album is comparable to other great artists such as Sheryl Crow and her body of work, who has cited Nicks as an influence and also worked with her. I would recommend this to any fan of independent music because it has a definitive independent feel to it. Overall, it is a great album.