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Cover of "Private Dancer"

Cover of Private Dancer

Rock music has many survivors. Tina Turner is one of them. She is living proof that a woman can break away from a manipulating wife beater (and musical partner) named Ike Turner to go onto a record-breaking solo career.

Turner’s comeback album, Private Dancer, proves that she is much better than the douchebag that is Ike Turner. Turner is a true survivor. She wastes no time in letting the listener know this fact on I Might Have Been Queen where she declares “I’m a new pair of eyes/ an original mind/ with my senses of old/ and the heart of a giant/ and I’m searching through the wreckage/ for some reconciliation that I might have been queen/ for every sage that falls/ there is an ancient child.” This is essentially Turner declaring that this isn’t the Tina Turner of Ike and Tina Turner, but rather a new and improved Tina.

One of the major highlights is the title track, which showcases Turner’s vocal prowess on the chorus. She also explores the complication of love with What’s Love Got To Do With It – which has since become her signature song. The song later became the title of the 1993 biopic starring Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne.

However, Tina goes all out with Steel Claw, which sounds like an updated version of hers and Ike’s cover of  the Creedence Clearwater Revival single Proud Mary. It is perhaps the best song on the entire album.

One part of the album, though, falls flat: her version Help by the Beatles. It’s a reinterpretation that doesn’t make any sense.

Bad interpretations aside, it is a good album. A-


Heart is one of those bands that has had many incarnations but still has the constant two frontrunners in the form of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. They are the female counterparts of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. However, their reasons for the original lineup change is because of their original romantic entanglements with former drummer Mike DeRosier and Roger Fisher.

Heart’s 1985 self-titled album is proof that that the lineup change that occurred with the previous album, Passionworks, and signing on with record label powerhouse Capitol Records, worked.

Heart’s self titled album is nothing short of great. While it stays true to Heart’s somewhat angry hard-rockin’ musical roots with songs such as The Wolf and If Looks Could Kill, one of the best changes is that there are some hard-rockin’ love songs. On Never, Ann cries “We can’t go on just running away/ If we wait any longer we will surely never get away/ Anything you want – we can make it happen/ Stand up and turn around – never let them shoot us down.” She continues with this passion on All Eyes.

One surprise is that, for a change, guitarist Nancy Wilson gets to sing lead vocals for the first time ever on a Heart album. She has a beautiful voice on the smash single These Dreams. The lyrics of the song describe the fantasy world a person enters when faced with a real-life difficult issue. This song was dedicated to a close friend of Nancy Wilson, Sharon Hess, who died of leukemia shortly before the song was made.

One track though, falls flat. Nobody Home sounds like it wants to be a hybrid power-pop ballad meets the signature sound of Heart. It doesn’t work for the band. Shell Shock sounds like an overdone hard-rock song. It even has corny and cliche love song lyrics that do not fit into the repertoire of Heart.

Caveats aside, the album is a welcomed return to both great music and the radio for Heart.