45″ Friday – “Heart of Darkness” – Heart

Posted: January 6, 2012 in 45" Friday!, Classic Rock
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In 1985, Heart was on the verge of a MASSIVE comeback. Their 1985 self-titled comeback album went to #1 on the US Billboard 200 charts. The album itself yielded such hits as What About Love, Never, If Looks Could Kill, Nothin’ At All, and the ever-popular smash These Dreams.

The b-side to What About Love is Heart of Darkness. Unfortunately, it sounds like every other song on their 1985 album – which is probably why it wasn’t included on the album. It’s a bland piece of production. Heart is a better band than this song. It doesn’t show off the high vocal range of Ann Wilson nor does it show off Nancy’s mad guitar skills. It sounds simply like another hyper-produced song from the 80’s.

Don’t bother in finding this b-side.

  1. S says:

    You kidding me?! Heart of Darkness is an awesome song! It does NOT sound like the usual 80s pop sound that controlled Heart during this timeframe, and that’s why it did not go on the album, the record company wanted pop hits and ballads, not nods to metal. I just wish I knew who wrote it…

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