Cover of "Private Audition"

Heart is rock & roll’s most enduring band – there’s no doubt about it. However, even rock music’s most famous sisters have

their bad moments. 1982’s Private Audition is one of their moments.

Private Audition simply does not measure up to what we have come to love about Heart. Rather it seems like Heart has seen better days with their previous albums such as their classics: Dreamboat Annie, Dog & Butterfly and plenty more.

What makes Private Audition terrible is that it is, at times, an almost-total deviation of the style and essence that has made Heart legendary. In fact,l this deviation only works for them once and that is on This Man Is Mine. Furthermore, none of the songs showcase the powerhouse vocals of lead singer Ann Wilson, nor the mad guitar skills of her sister Nancy.

This is perhaps Heart’s worst album they have made. Thankfully most Heartmongers, including the Wilson sisters themselves, have all but forgotten this turkey of an album.  Soon after the album’s release, the sisters got rid of band members Steve Fossen and Mike DeRosier.

The verdict: buy any other album by Heart, but not this one.




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