Lady GaGa versus Dale Bozzio

Posted: November 7, 2011 in New Wave, other, Pop
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Lady GaGa live

Okay so its no secret anymore that Lady GaGa is a ripoff or almost carbon copy of Missing Persons lead vocalist Dale Bozzio. It seems like everything from not only Bozzio’s fashion, but her music, is getting copied.

Many blogs both in the fashion and music realms. Now my question is this: why isn’t places like Mtv & VH1 picking up on this?

When Lady GaGa does this, she shows that she’s unoriginal in her approach to style. The same is also true for her music. Perhaps GaGa has never heard of the old saying “don’t do as I do – do it better.” As far as talent and taste go, she has some, but it is mostly like watching a copycat.

Bozzio, on the other hand, is an original. When most punk rockers had weirdly shaved hair, she went with a rainbow-colored hairdo. She also could sing rather well and had a good backup band, Missing Persons.

However, I must wonder, why must artists such as Lady GaGa be unoriginal? Apparently she hasn’t realized that legendary artist areoriginal. Great minds don’t think alike – they think for themselves. Stevie Nicks did not become a fashion icon by copying others – she made her own. Same goes for the bohemian style of early Madonna and the feathery-laden Janis Joplin.


  1. Joey says:

    You have to look at the people that are putting GaGa out there in the first place. They aren’t any more of the “Real Deal” than she is. They all walk around dressing and talking like they’re some kind of sub gangster-ghetto culture and…well, it’s the nature of the Modern POP business. The useless praying on the nu-informed or just DUMB.

    I remember Dale well and she was very unique when she hit in the early 80’s, but keep in mind that at the same time, you had Alana from the Thompson Twins, Cyndi Lauper, and Martha from the Motels. That was the era of the early 80’s and if there ever was someone dumb enough to think they could take that and make it their own today…after those artists did all the hard work, well…Ladies and Gentleman, Lady GaGa!!!!

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