Kate Bush is perhaps the most unique visual-oriented rock artists to ever emerge from England. Her music mixes both visual and literary forms with extremely distinct musical stylings that are far above her peers both past and present. Who knew that a farmgirl from Bexleyheath, Kent, England would forever change music.

Kate Bush’s The Kick Inside quite amazing. Bush shows that she isn’t your average british rocker on Kite, which appears to make heavy use of a synthesizer in an almost-Christine McVie (of Fleetwood Mac)-like fashion. Bush continues this on the Billy Joel-esque James and the Cold Gun.

However, she hones her qunique art-rock sound on Them Heavy People, where she talks about how a persons religion can be their driving force.

With this album, Bush heralded in a new era where the men were no longer the kings of the music charts. With her debut single, Wuthering Heights (which would later be covered more famously in the US by rocker and MTV darling Pat Benatar) made her the first woman to ever have a self-penned number one hit in her native United Kingdom.


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