Spare Heart wows the audience with both authentication and skill

Spare Heart – A Tribute to the band Heart and Love It To Death performances at The Concert Pub North on FM 1960 in Houston, TX were filled with songs the fans love and deep tracks from the artists’ respective catalogs. It was one rockin’ night!

Spare Heart kicked off the evening with a rousing and loud rendition of Even It Up from Heart’s 1980 classic Bebe Le Strange followed up by the ever-angry rocker Heartless, which was highlighted by the driving rhythm section headed by John Hill on drums and Sean Harrold on bass.

The cover of the power-ballad cover of Alone, which, like the actual recording, kicks into high gear around the chorus. Things only got better with the nicely done keyboard playing of Jeff Ball. It served as a nice complement to the smash hit These Dreams – a beautiful rendition done by the “Nancy Wilson” of the group, Staci Butler. However, this version was a bit more acoustic sounding, which made it sound organic.

Things were kicked back into high-gear with the driving guitar forces of Staci Butler and Mike Lambert on Crazy On You, which was quite possibly the fan favorite of the night.

One of the greatest things about Spare Heartis that they do both the “greatest hits” and some Heart’s deep tracks such as How Can I Refuse, which was beautifully executed by lead vocalist and the “Ann Wilson” of the band, Linda Lambert.

Shortly thereafter,  Love It To Death – The Alice Cooper Tribute show took the stage.

The highlight of Love It To Death – The Alice Cooper Tribute show’s set was none other than No More Mr. Nice Guy. Many in the audience enjoyed the song. Some even sang along.

One of the best things about Love It To Death – The Alice Cooper Tribute show is the fact that they are authentic: lead singer Paul Byron, when in makeup and other trademarks of Alice Cooper, looks strikingly close to the real Alice Cooper. He adds authentication to the performance by doing what Cooper may do during live performances. Such as when he performs Billion Dollar Baby, he throws out fake $1 billion dollar bills containing the band logo. The audience was highly entertained.

Overall, it was a nice precursor to kick off the Halloween season.

  1. Sharick Interest, Houston Texas says:

    All who missed it REALLY MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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