MTV ID – One Night Stand w/ Fleetwood Mac – YouTube.

If I were alive during this time I would totally enter this contest. I know that it is no secret that the Wild Heart LOVES Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks – heck, I am named after one of her albums. (the one with Stand Back)

However I can safely say that if I WERE alive back then, my loving but strict Christian parents probably would NEVER let their daughter enter in a contest like THIS. Why you ask? a) drugs b) they thought Stevie was a practicing Wiccan – she wasn’t. c) my dad prefers the Peter Green years. I prefer the Buckingham Nicks years. and d) a young Baptist girl meeting a famous rockstar or a whole group of them would not bode well with the members of the local Southern Baptist Church. (still wouldn’t actually)

Here’s to dreaming though!


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