Tropico (album)

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Throughout her career, Pat Benatar has worn many wardrobes: angry rocker chick, sultry singer, wife to guitarist Neil Giraldo, and on 1984’s Tropico, impending motherhood. Benatar and husband Neil Giraldo found out that they were pregnant with their firstborn [their duaghter Haley] between the video shoot for Painted Desert and the recording of We Belong.

As with impending motherhood and the requirement of growing up, Benatar and Giraldo grow up musically with this album. This is well shown in the lyrics of Takin’ It Back. Benatar and Giraldo trade in the hard rock that made In the Heat Of The Night, Crimes of Passion and even Get Nervous for a more pop-oriented sounding album. Also, gone is the anger and grit that made those albums. Instead, a considerably toned-down persona has taken its place. Surprisingly, it fits Benatar very well.

There’s literally is no weak track on Tropico. This is perhaps Benatar’s strongest effort since Crimes of Passion. Also, it relies less on the angry rock and more on optimism, which is shown on Diamond Field and the album’s hit single We Belong.

However, some of the best tracks aren’t even 100% hit material – such as Love In the Ice Age and A Crazy World Like This.

Overall, this is a “don’t miss” album by Pat Benatar.


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