Love It To Death stays true to the tradition and showmanship of Alice Cooper

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Classic Rock, Concerts
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Alice Cooper, overall, is one of rock music’s greatest and craziest showmen. Love It To Death – the Alice Cooper Tribute Show stayed true to the timeless idea of crazy fun that is Alice Cooper Saturday night at the Flamingo Room in Houston, TX.

Lead singer Paul Byron opened the night of crazy fun with Department of Youth. However that was a mere warm-up to the most popular song of the evening No More Mr. Nice Guy.

One of the greatest things about Love It To Death was the showmanship of Paul Byron, who entered during Eighteen with a bent-up crutch. He Byron uses the crutch to push out guitarist Rob Jacobs out for a searing solo and uses it almost like he’s powering Jacobs like a wind-up doll.

Billion Dollar Babies was sung with as much fire and grit as Alice himself. Byron even threw out disco beads and fake money into the crowd with a fencing sword. However, that pales in comparison to both the scarily exciting snake that was bought out for It Is My Body.

As someone who has only a working knowledge of Alice Cooper, his stage show and music; this show makes the audience members want to further explore the music and stage show that is Alice Cooper. This is a show that should not be missed!

  1. Scott M says:

    This is simply the very best Cooper tribute in existance. The attention payed to not only the elaborate stage show but more specifically the music is mind blowing. I am critical of tribute bands and the only complaint was I wish they could have played longer!

  2. Connie says:

    This was by far the most entertaining show I have seen in a very long time! The band is extremely talented and Alice himself would be very proud of an effort well done! Thank you Love It To Death for introducing me to Alice!

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