Ladies and gents, I need to admit something: I have a love-hate relationship with Pandora radio. My Stevie Nicks station now only plays indie music – not her solo stuff, Fleetwood Mac or even Buckingham Nicks – all of which I have separate stations for. Additionally, I am sick of it playing the same songs of hers or Fleetwood Mac every single time I bring it up: Landslide. I also tried to give a shot but it went down in a blaze of glory. However, no thanks to the ex-boyfriend of me, the Wild Heart, I have been introduced to something that is nothing short of amazing: Grooveshark. Better yet, it’s legal and free unless you don’t want ads – then you must pay. But the best thing is you can upload songs and listen to songs in a query, but you don’t download them.

I have found many random things on there, so I will tell you of what they are. They are mostly rarities – like I have never heard them OR I haven’t heard them since I was a child. The 0 of the best that I have found on Grooveshark.

  1. Stand In My PlaceBryan Duncan. This is one of those songs that to me, just screamed “put me at number one.” I grew up listening to Contemporary Christian music because I was born, raised, and still am a rather devout Christian. I used to hear this all the time back in 1991-1993 when I was 4-7 on 89.3 FM KSBJ. As Christian music matured a little in the 90’s, this song and artist virtually disappeared from KSBJ’s playlists. As I myself discovered my own faith outside of the faith of my parents and grandparents (I’m Protestant, raised Southern Baptist, but now attend a Vineyard church). Something about the lyrics that say “you traded paradise for poverty/ created all and laid it all on the line for me/ I’m just an ordinary heart and soul/ you bridged an ocean to stand in my place.” Nobody else would have done that for me, and that is why I choose Christ.
  2. All My LIfeBryan Duncan. This was also a song that has since disappeared from the airwaves of KSBJ. Glad to see it once again on Grooveshark.
  3. Thousand DaysStevie Nicks. Since I have become quite a bit of a Stevie Nicks fan lately, I have been looking up her music alot on the internet. I came across this on Grooveshark and it turns out this is on her Enchanted box set – which is somewhat of a limited edition from what I hear. I don’t think it is a demo because it sounds professionally produced, that is, unless she produced it herself. Either way it is one amazing track. I cannot help but wonder who the song is aimed at and what album was it meant for.
  4. Love In A World Gone MadAgnetha Faltskog. Though I am not a big fan of ABBA, this woman is a really good pop artist. I wish she would have gone places beyond Sweden.
  5. Races Are RunBuckingham Nicks. Before Lindsey Buckingham and his then-girlfriend Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac, they were known as Buckingham Nicks. They recorded one album together entitled Buckingham Nicks. It is considered a rare album, however many bootleg cds have surfaced. Lindsey Buckingham has expressed interest in re-releasing the album, however it has yet to be released.
  6. Pac-Man FeverBuckner and Garcia. For some reason I find this song amusing.
  7. Cest La VieRobbie Neville. I first saw this song on VH1 Classic’s Greatest One-Hit Wonders. I must say that back in his day, Robbie was one hottie. Sadly now he looks like an old man and those cute-boy looks have long gone.
  8. Into the Hollywood Groove – Missy Elliott featuring Madonna. Normally I am not a big rap fan. However, I will make an exception for this song because I like Madonna on the chorus.
  9. 96 Tears ? and the Mysterians. Kids, this is what drugs and music sound like mixed together.
  10. BLOX germ-killerGTA Vice City. I would imagine that somehow, some way, Howard Hughes would use so much of this germ-killer that he probably would own the company and run it from his little theater in his house much akin to how he was in The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio

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