Since I am currently watching the excellent miniseries the 60’s starring Julia Stiles and Jerry O’connell, I figured that today we should talk about the 60’s. It was one of those decades that can be described in one word: upheaval, or, as Bob Dylan once said: “the times they are a-changin’.” So here it is, the greatest songs of the sixties according to someone that was born in 1986.

  1. Abraham, Martin, and John – Dion. The 60’s in the US had one of the most tragic events occur within the span of a few years with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, his brother former attorney general and presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy, and civil rights activist Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. When those assassinations happened, things of course got real somber, or there was rioting in the streets. There was also the social and political unrest as well, which would make one wonder “have you seen my old friend John/ can you tell me where he’s gone?”
  2. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) – The Doors. This has to be by far the most random song I have ever heard.
  3. Light My Fire – The Doors.
  4. Heatwave – Martha and the Vandellas. To me, there is something different about Martha and the Vandellas. Maybe excellence?! I can’t tell you because I don’t know – this is a good song to dance to.
  5. California Dreamin’ – The Mamas and the Papas. Who wasn’t dreamin’ of going to California back during the 60’s?
  6. The Beat Goes On – Sonny and Cher. A song that describes life during this time – or at least what I picture it to be. (It looks alot like the Wonder Years) Need I say more?
  7. 96 Tears – ? and the Mysterians. A song for those that are crazy – like me!
  8. Somebody to Love – Jefferson Airplane. Before Stevie Nicks, Ann Wilson, and the Runaways, there was Grace Slick – the rather eccentric and charismatic but crazy lead singer of Jefferson Airplane. Among her eccentricities included being placed on an FBI blacklist because she tried to spike President Richard Nixon’s tea with about 600 micrograms of LSD while trying to attend a party at the White House, “TUI”- talking while under the influence, and of course reminding Germans who won WW2 while on tour in Europe.
  9. Try – Big Brother and the Holding Company. Talk about a woman with an amazing voice! She still is unmatched even over 40 years after her death.
  10. Yellow Submarine – The Beatles. I cannot believe that Disney backed out of doing a remake of this awesome kitschy film! There is no good that can come from that!

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