This was too funny a quote to not put up on the Wild Heart, thus the Wild Heart had to put it up from tonite’s episode of Glee:

“I spent three years sending hate mail to Debbie Gibson until she wrote me back and said that the stress of my letters was giving her alopecia and then I felt terrible because I realized it was just my jealousy that she could fill a mall with her adoring fans.” — Holly

This was too funny to not pass up. First of all, if you send 3 years of hate mail to Debbie Gibson, you have no life and probably no friends. You are creepy. You need to have a restraining order and be quarantined.

Though I love Debbie Gibson and the work that she has done musically, I now cannot stop laughing about that. I also cannot stop thinking of that one episode of How I Met Your Mother that Robin was a Canadian teen idol much in the style of both Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.

Rebecca Black meet your match!

However, I like Debbie Gibson as I stated earlier. She’s talented.

  1. vimax says:

    When are you going to post again? You really entertain a lot of people! Regards: SB2011LAIN_AING

    • now! haha! I’m writing a blog about Glee doing the Rumours album in its entirety for the next episode! Seriously though I am. But also I will be putting up reviews of said album (to coincide with the episode), Stevie Nicks’s new video, a review of Yes, etc. I’ve just been busy lately and minus a computer – which has been taken care of:-)

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