Unfortunately, on Christian radio, music that sounds great is, well, nonexistent these days. That’s not the case with Amy Grant and her 1988 release Lead Me On.

Grant is probably the best-known person of her genre and with this release, it is well-deserved. She is better-known to nonChristians as the singer of such hits as Every Heartbeat, That’s What Love is For, Good For Me, and the number one hit Baby, Baby – all tracks from her multiplatinum release Heart In Motion, which is more pop-oriented and a little less sophisticated. Lead Me On is not that kind of album. It is much more sophisticated both lyrically and melodically.

On 1974, Grant talks about how she came to faith and how her faith has stayed with her through the years. She exclaims “stay with me/ make it ever new/ so time will not undo/ as the years go by/ how I need to see/ that’s still me.” Also, the way that Grant harmonizes with herself in a very echo-like manner is nothing short of beautiful.

Lead Me On is the best-known single from this album. Rarely does a song address history in light of religion: Grant addresses slavery and the Holocaust and what the victims of such tragedies were thinking by saying “man hurts man/ time and time, time again/ and we drown in the wake of our power/ somebody tell me why.”

Every single track on this album is great – which is a rarity in any genre. One thing that is constantly overlooked is the great production value of this album. For example, the excellent drum solo intros on Sure Enough and All Right.  It is a greatly overshadowed album and deserves much more respect than it is given.



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