You have to hand it to people like Deborah Gibson – the woman is talented and will

In 1987 Deborah Gibson released "Out of the Blue," making her the youngest person at the age of 16 to ever write, produce and record an album

always be good at what she does. Gibson still holds the record for being the youngest person to ever write, produce, and have a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 with the song Foolish Beat.

While most young women at the age 16 are busy either catching the attention of guys or earning their drivers liscence, Gibson, along with producer Fred Zarr, were collaborating on what would become her debut album Out of the Blue.

Some of the songs occasionally slip into the slope of cheese albeit very slightly. Take for instance the track Red Hot. It’s rather unlistenable due to the repetitive drum track – it sounds too electronic and does not fit the song.

One thing that is great about this album is the fact that a great deal of the songs are catchy and even danceable. On Out of the Blue, she talks about finding new love – something that is relatable regardless of age because, literally, love comes from “out of the blue.” The hit single Shake Your Love is reminiscent  of Motown artists such as Martha Reeves and the VandellasDancing in the Streets albeit with an 80’s twist. Overall these are the songs that make this album great overall.

One of the greatest highlights is the underrated bass-happy Fallen Angel. The bass line is what makes the song great.




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